How to know if a guy likes you

How To Know If A Guy Likes You Secretly But Is Hiding It

Relationship goals are not hard to achieve if you are concerned and committed. Often girls don’t even get to know if a guy likes them. They don’t get to know because at the very start guys don’t directly say that they like you. It’s not attitude they just make sure to confirm if it’s a temporary attraction of real feelings.

That’s why it’s up to you to get the idea that he likes you with his attitude, body language, and behavior. And yes, it’s possible to know if a guy likes you through his actions.

Today I am going to reveal the top 7 secrets to know if a guy likes you. I hope you will enjoy it.

How to know if a guy likes you?

Let’s raise the curtain from top behavior signals to know if he likes you. If you find these signs in the guy sitting next to you then congrats in advance.

  1. His eye contact

When a guy starts liking you he will try to maintain eye contact with you. He would like to see into your eyes while talking about different matters.

Sometimes he will be looking at you when you are unaware to see your facial expressions and the depth of your eyes. It happens in the very initial stages when a guy likes you.

But I don’t want to say but we should discuss the other side too.

If he looks at you but suddenly when you notice and maintain eye contact and he starts gazing around at other things. Then it’s a signal that he is not interested in you.

  1. He looks for your reaction

Men choose freedom when it comes to seeking someone’s approval. They don’t often try to impress people who are not important to them.

But when a guy starts getting interested in you he will attempt to impress you. After commenting on things or cracking jokes he would look at your facial expressions to see your reaction.

It’s a sign that he doesn’t want to do things that offend you. He wants to seek your approval in each action he attempts.

So next time you notice that your crush does the same thing then be happy because he is into you.

  1. He discusses his future plans

We don’t often discuss our future plans with people we don’t want to see in our life or those who are not that important.

But if a guy loves to share his future plans with you that are beyond his job promotion then congrats because he likes you. He is making his future plans with you so you must be happy because you are special. You mean to him that’s why he shares with you.

It’s a very strong signal that he wants to share his upcoming life events, plans, and life goals with you. He wants to see you in his future as a companion.

  1. Change of behavior when you are around

Guys are free birds they never care what people would say about them. Boys just like to chill around with their friends without caring for others. Not all but most of them.

If you notice a difference in his behavior when you are around then it’s a strong signal that he likes you. Boys behave differently when they are stressed as compared to girls.

That’s why you can notice a change in his behavior when you are around. Maybe he starts talking too much to cover his nervousness or stops talking to suppress his feelings.

No matter what but it’s a signal that he likes you.

  1. Tries to impress you by wearing fancy things

You will admit that girls like charming personalities with fancy clones and nice dresses. Guys are also aware of your habit that’s why they keep spending money on such things.

Aside from jokes, a guy really puts a little more effort into trying to impress his girl by making his personality charming.

When you go out with your boy, note his clone, dressing style, and shoes if you notice something special then he is into you. He likes you and tries to impress you.

  1. Offers to buy you things

One of the biggest signs that a guy likes you is the concern he shows. If he offers to buy you dinner or other stuff then it shows his feelings.

When you are going through a financial crisis he will take care of you by offering financial support.

Ladies, keep in mind that a man only likes to spend money on his companion. If a man likes to buy you stuff like food, drinks, clothes or any other things then he might be interested in you.

He wants to keep you happy and safe when you are going through your bad times.

Asking about your relationship

When a guy likes a girl he makes sure that she is single. He wants to confirm at any cost why he would discover if you have a boyfriend.

That’s an obvious thing, we cannot develop our feelings for a person who is already committed. So in order to confirm he might ask you about your relationship status.

It doesn’t mean that he will ask directly he might ask in code words. He tries to figure out in different ways just to stay awake.

  1. Gets jealous of other guys

A man can bear everything but cannot share his partner with others. The same thing goes for girls they cannot share their guys with other girls.

If a guy gets possessive about you and gets jealous of other guys who try to approach you then it’s a clear sign that he likes you.

A boy doesn’t care about a girl’s matters if he is not interested in him. But if he likes someone he starts keeping an eye to know what’s going on.

You shouldn’t call it toxic but a concern for a precious one because he doesn’t want to lose you at any cost.

Final Thoughts

I have pointed out the top 7 best signs that a guy likes you. These are strong signs estimated on the evidence of social research. There are multiple approaches to certain things about relationships. That’s why I hope these signs would assist you in finding true love.

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