Flirty Texts For Him

Flirty Texts For Him To Turn On At Night or In the Morning

Are you looking for the attractive and powerfulFlirty Texts For Him? Flirting over text plays important and through this method, your confidence can be enhanced towards your desired guy.

When you do this method in the right way, then flirt texts will surely light a spark that surely enhances your chemistry with your desired guy. Do you love dating?

Keep in mind that flirting is an attractive and core part of dating which can easily improve intimacy. You need to be a cheeky and subtle personality rather than an obvious person.

We will give you information about the top best flirty texts for him and these texts are meant to be fun and joy for both of you.

17 Best Flirty Texts For Him

These flirty texts will help you to get more attraction from him and he will surely think about you in his life forever. So, try these flirty texts and enjoy the fun of a relationship.

1. My everyday favorite sound is not anything, other than your beautiful laugh.

2. Whenever I think about you, it drives me wild.

3. I know you like lipstick, so I bought a new strawberry lipstick. Do you want to taste it?

4. I never in my life kissed someone, would you like to be the first?

5. I never forget the feelings of joy when we first met.

6. I always against love and never believe in it, but when I met you, everything is changed now.

7. I have a plan for a movie and I want you at the moment?

8. My name must be Cinderella and this is because you are my prince Charming.

9. Do you know that you are the only man of my dreams and the ideal person for me, which I never want to lose.

10. What are you want to do tonight? I think you should take me tonight somewhere in a quiet place.

11. Do you want to play truth or dare? If you would like to choose dare, then I dare you to kiss me when we see each other next time.

12. Today is not my birthday, but I am wearing your birthday gift suit.

13. If we both took a complete chemistry class, then I think I will get an A grade.

14. I always think about my man and wrote various things about him, you know it is you only in my diary.

15. If you ever want an excuse to hold my hands, then we should need to watch a scary movie.

16. You are so hot and attractive, even in winter, I feel like summer.

17. Now I do have not enough patience, so I am making the first move. Do you want to go out with me to a quiet place?

16 Cute and Attractive Texts For Him

Do you want to send some cute texts to your desired boyfriend or hubby? If you are a person who can be shy about everything and not able to share your feelings in front of him then these given cute texts will help you to get more affection and love from your desired guy.

1. Today, I was looking down at my empty hands and wishing your hands were in them.

2. I cant wait to hold your hands.

3. Do you know my lips are hurting because I am smiling so much and the reason behind this smile is only you.

4. If you want to make me smile anytime, then just text me with my name.

5. You are most cutest and most beautiful, which I have always dreamed of.

6. People say that no one is super perfect, then why do you exist?

7. They say that dreams aren’t true. So, Why you come into my dreams every night.

8. I want to hear your beautiful and cute voice. Can I call you now?

9. You are looking more beautiful and handsome today, and I can’t blink my eyes when I see you.

10. I have a plan for a long drive, do you want to join me?

11. I can stare into your eyes, do you also can?

12. If you are worried that whom I have a crush on, then you only need to look in a mirror.

13. Currently I am listening to a song, which reminds me of you.

14. I make some great foods today, do you want to taste them with me tonight?

15. Have a sweet and beautiful dream, my prince Charming.

16. When I see your notification on my phone, then my heart beats faster I don’t know why.

13 Best Romantic Texts For Him

Here is a great collection of some romantic texts for him which can enhance your love easily.

Whether you send these romantic texts to your hubby or boyfriend, these texts will surely put a smile on your partner.

1. Do you know that when I close my eyes, I always see one person and it is you.

2. Today, you went out without giving me a morning kiss.

3. We need to watch some romantic movies tonight and reenact those scenes which are our favorites.

4. When I want to see your face even when you are not with me, then I unlock my phone and see your beautiful photos.

5. They say mountains and rivers are the best places, but my best place is being in your arms.

6. You are the only reason for me to laugh even when I had a bad day.

7. I am proud of you because every day you make my day like valentines day.

8. I always think that what is priceless things, but now I know that being with you is priceless for me.

9. If time travel is real, then I will go to our first dating scene again.

10. Because of your respect and care, I am the luckiest girl in the world. Thank You!

11. Hey babe, How are you! I am just thinking about some new romantic scenes.

12. I am really tired today, but I am not getting stop until I see you in my home.

13. I am always searching for happiness, but when I met you I only smile when you are with me.

9 Spicy And Wonderful Texts For Him To Get His Attention

With these texts, you can make your crush sweat with just a lines of few words.

1. I want you now, and I will not hear any objection.

2. You know I bought a new king-size bed, yesterday but it’s missing its king. 

3. It’s winter and I am feeling hot.

4. I had a romantic dream last night and it was you in my dream. So, can we make this dream into reality?

5. I bought your favorite color of underwear.

6.Could you come to my house and we can start our workout.

7. You know your clothes are looks beautiful but I think they would look better even if they are off.

8. I shaved today. Do I need to say more or it is enough?

9. I bought your favorite color lipstick. Do you want to check it with your lips?


If you are a shy person and want to attract the attention of your crush or hubby, then these texts will surely help you to get more love and care from your desired guy.

These Flirty Texts For Him are really simple and effective which gives you the outcome right according to your wishes. But keep in mind that you need to send these texts one by one and don’t try to send all the texts at the same time.

Otherwise, he will think you are not sharing your feelings but a simple line of text. So, it’s necessary for you to send these texts with your core feelings of the heart.

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