How To Flirt With A Guy

How To Flirt With A Guy [Over Text, On Call, or In Person]

Lots of women want to choose their favorite guy and spend their life with them, but they don’t know How To Flirt With A Guy because of shyness.

Do you want to get information on multiple tips and tricks to easily flirt with a guy? If yes, then you are in the place where you will find attractive and simple tips to attract the attention of your desired guy.

You need to completely understand the game of flirting because most women don’t know how to flirt with a random guy. Even the most confident people feel shy or have their tongues slipped in front of the guy whom they like the most.

So, there are some do’s and don’t which you need to specially take care of while flirting with your favorite guy. Let’s jump into the flirting game!

What are things which you don’t need to try while flirting with a guy?

You may find this thing scary but what are the things which you don’t need to try while flirting with a guy. The crucial things which you need to avoid are as follows:

No Personal Questions

Flirting in simple meanings is the feeling of steamy or light, but it should never be meant to get uncomfortable. Whenever you want to try strong chemistry between you and your favorite guy, it will be awkward for him to start asking personal queries too soon.

You can share or ask these questions later when you both understand each other, but don’t try it quickly.

No Overconfidence

Confidence is the core thing that can give you positive outcomes. Also, it is the best companion when you are trying that how to flirt with your desired guy. But keep in mind that an excessive amount of confidence can worst the things which you don’t ever think in your mind.

Overconfidence can get your desired guy away from you or it may give some kind of undesirable impression of you. If you know these vulnerabilities can be sexier too for creating a strong bond.

Don’t Try Premature Seriousness

You might be here to get information that how to flirt with a guy which can put him into something serious.

But you don’t need to get things too intense and serious about your crush, as it would put pressure on him, and maybe he would like to stay away from all the fun which you are looking for.

Top 10 Effective And Best Flirting Tips For Girls

Flirting is a joyful and best way to show interest in your crush, and it can also happen with different techniques such as face to face, via text, or also can happen in a crowded room.

You just need to find what’s the most comfortable way for you and just flirt away. With the following tips, you will know how to flirt with a guy even from a distance, through texts, or in person. The flirting tips for girls are listed below:

1. Laugh at his jokes

Almost every guy wants to make his lover feel more comfortable with him and for this purpose, he can tell you jokes and create a stronger bond. Laughing at his jokes is the most important and effective flirting tip through which you can start your flirting with him.

As you know that laughter can easily bring couples together and you can also do this by breaking down the monotony and walls. It will enhance the overall feelings of affection and will create an environment to support each other.

2. Take your crush’s name directly

It can sound easy to you, right? You need to just try to take the name of your crush directly into the conversations while you are with him.

When you call him by his name then it will make things more effective and personal. Moreover, when you insert directly name of your crush then it will get more attention from him which is the core thing in flirting.

3. Draw attention to your lips

If you want to create love chemistry with your desired guy then simply attract his attention to your lips. For this purpose, you can use lip balm or lipstick while you are talking to him and then lick your lips.

You can do this tip if you are feeling comfortable being bold but it gives you a positive outcome like just what you want in flirting.

4. Playful Touches

Make sure that we are not talking about some sexual activity here, we are just creating a strong physical intimacy that will surely create a strong bonding.

According to research, when you hug, touch, kiss on the forehead, or just hold hands will help your body release oxytocin and also enhance overall satisfaction.

5. Softly Tease Him

If you want to enjoy flirting with your desired guy, then you need to play some useful teasing and it can help to break the ice.

Teasing your guy will remove the shyness and awkwardness between you and your guy. Moreover, this flirting tip can ignite some sparks, and also it can establish great chemistry with him.

6. Draw his attention with your body

There are multiple things through which you can give your guy an excuse to notice you and get attracted to your body such as your clothes and tattoos with the name of your crush on your body.

But keep in mind that you don’t need to give any wrong impression by being too much bold and highlighting your entire body.

7. Listen Carefully

For a better understanding of flirting, you need to listen to his emotions and also make him realize that he has your complete attention.

It will make him feel like a more confident and worthy person around you, and it is the main key to learning how to flirt with a guy.

8. Look your Great

While flirting with your guy, it might be a chance that you don’t know each other very well. In this case, if you want to get much attention to you then visual desirability will help you in this matter.

It’s a simple and effective flirting tip, you just need to do is well maintain your hairstyle and wear those clothes that can best enhance your traits. Moreover, looking good can also enhance your confidence and give you more desirable to him.

9. Smile

Your smile will play a more important role and it will work perfectly while flirting with your guy. It’s not a hard flirting tip for any woman, you just need to smile every once in a while.

While flirting with the guy, your smile puts him at complete ease and it will show that you are approachable. You can smirk with a careful raise of an eyebrow and make him feel fuzzy inside.

Moreover, it also opens all the doors to know each other completely openness.

10. Be Confident

It is the last and also important tip of flirting through which you can send a positive message to your desired guy and he will surely want to be around you always.

Also, confidence will instantly get more attractive to your desired guy. So, it’s also better for you to enhance your confidence simultaneously.


With the above flirting tips and tricks, now it is easy for every woman to learn How To Flirt With A Guy. For the best flirting experience, you need to wear beautiful clothes, and also it is good to maintain your hairstyle because these things can effectively attract the attention of your crush.

Also, don’t be shy to pass him compliments because it will unlock your shy doors of you. Once you completely master the art of flirting, then you can easily attract the attention of your crush, boyfriend, or hubby and they will fall all over you which is the main goal of flirting.

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