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How To Keep Him Wanting You More Again – Even Long Distance

Being pampered, loved, and adored by a man is the most beautiful feeling for a woman. A woman loves to live with a person who adores her and is attracted to her all the time.

No woman in this world would deny the above fact. When you get into a relationship, at the start everything is so attractive and beautiful. But after a certain period of time, the spark of the relationship started fading out.

The man of your dreams stops doing things he used to do in the starting months of the relationship to make you happy. So who can help you in getting back the real spark of your relationship? Who can help you to keep your man wanting you more? Only you. Yes, only you can help yourself in that situation.

You two have started the relationship, and you both decided to live with each other. Now you want someone else to do stuff for you.

How To Make Him Want You More: 7 Tips To Make Him Crave For You

In order to achieve the initial spark of your relationship, you need to put in some effort. No pain no gain. That’s why I have compiled a list of the 7 best tips to keep him wanting you throughout his life. You just need to follow all the instructions and start implementing.

Let’s get started…

Discover cute names to call him

When a woman calls his man’s name it sounds so pleasing. There is no feeling better than hearing your name from your woman’s lips. When a woman calls her husband or boyfriend by his name or alternative cute names he gets excited.

In between the conversations you can call him by his name to see his reaction. He will immediately notice and feel pleased to hear his name from you.

You don’t need to do it often without any solid reason because it will sound odd. Just make it your genuine habit and call him often during conversations.

Curiosity is the key 

We don’t like to read a book we have already read. That’s because an open book we read every day loses its interest. If you want him to crave for you then you must learn the curiosity skill.

In this technique, you don’t need to do anything. Yes, don’t do anything I mean don’t tell me everything about you. Don’t make him know everything about you. Let him discover about you, your dreams, and your hobbies.

If he loves you, he will try to discover things about you. This will make him curious and keep him engaged in discovering things about you.

The more he wants to know about you the more he will be attracted to you.

Unexpected touch 

An unexpected touch can set your man’s heart on fire. Yes, that’s true touch him when he is not expecting it. Don’t make it too romantic just a usual activity that can spike his nervous system.

For example, touching his pockets to get the keys. This kind of usual activity can make him crave for you when you are not around.

When he is getting ready for a business meeting you can touch his collars to make them look more attractive.

These kinds of feelings can make him want you more when you are not around.

Do small changes for a big difference

Doing small changes in your lifestyle can result in big differences. You can do little changes in your personality to make him notice you. Small changes mean small changes you don’t need to do big things.

For example, you can wear a new lipstick shade or try a new hairstyle. You can also try a new haircut if you had not done it recently.

You can tie your hair in a different style to get noticed by him. All you need to do is prioritize what he likes or dislikes. For example, while getting a haircut just remember what he likes about you. It can be your hair length, bangs, or curls. So do what he likes about you.

After doing little changes don’t shout to show off. Just let him notice by himself.

Give him compliments often 

People think that complement is a woman thing, wrong. Humans regardless of their genders like compliments.

If he wears a new shirt or shoes just give him a nice compliment. Maybe he is trying to impress you so notice little changes in his daily wear and compliment him.

Don’t just keep things about looks go beyond it. Tell him that you appreciate him for all the stuff he does to make you happy. Tell him that you adore him because he makes you feel special.

Appreciate him for every single thing that makes you safe and happy. After getting the appreciation he will want to do more that makes you happy.

Giving him ample space 

Sometimes we think that a yes can do wonders whenever he asks for something. It’s not true because when we hear no for anything we start chasing that thing.

It’s human nature, he is attracted to things that are not easily available. That’s why don’t make yourself available all the time.

If you want him to want you all the time then say no to certain things. This will make you more valuable and let him know that you have your self-respect and plans.

After doing that you will see him making more plans to be with you. He will miss you and want to spend more time with you.

Always smell good 

Specialists say that smell is quite possibly of the crudest sense and consequently assuming you smell pleasant, it will straightforwardly head out to his mind from where it makes a close-to-home response.

Likewise, scents seriously turn a few men on. The following time when you meet your man, ensure you smell pleasant. The smell will remain with him for quite a while and he will need to meet you more.

This multitude of tips makes certain to stroke your man’s advantage. He will spoil you very much as he did in those underlying long stretches of your relationship. He will need you more like you generally cared about. Simply ensure you follow these tips.

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