Does My EX Miss Me

Does My EX Miss Me At All Even Though We Don’t Talk

A sincere life partner is a blessing and lucky people have a loyal, sincere, partner that makes their life paradise. But sometimes we meet people who can’t show that loyalty which we expect and after some time the relationship ends.

Unfortunately, everyone is suffering at this stage of life and our partner leaves us. Some strong people move on easily but some sensitive hearts can’t be able to move on easily.

It is very hard to move on and find another sincere life partner who can live his/her entire life with you.

If you are suffering a broken heart and still thinking about your Ex, it means that you still love him/her. You want to get him/her back into your life but it’s not so easy.

Many questions come to mind and you want the answer to calm your mind, heart, and feelings. If you are thinking Does My EX Miss Me, it means that you are thinking about him. 

Too much thinking will never let you live a happy in your life. Because your past will easily control your present and future.

You should try to forget all the memories and move on to find a loyal partner. But if you still want to know does your ex miss you? you have to learn some points.

Here we are going to discuss several points that will help you to know does your Ex miss you or not. Just you have to read these points and follow them to know everything. So, let’s dive into the deep discussion.

10 Signs To Know Does Your EX Still Miss You

If you broke up with your loved ones and you are not in a relationship more. But your heart still beats for them and you are thinking about them.

Then don’t you worry because there are clear signs which can help you to know that your EX is also missing you? These are as follows:

1: They will try to contact you

If your EX is missing you, then they will try to contact you. Because nobody can live without expressing their feelings to their special one.

They will contact you via call, messages, on social media, follow you, etc. Even your EX can suddenly reach your residence and remind your memories.

2: They will send you gifts

If you are receiving gifts from your Ex, it means that he/she wants to get in touch again. Your EX will send you presents and remind you that you are still in his/her heart.

There could be regret or sorry gifts in which your EX will accept his/her mistakes. So, if you also want to get him back then this is a great sign from your EX to start dating.

3: Can offer a meeting 

You both are living in the same city or working in the same company. Then there are many chances to get your EX back because they can easily connect to you.

If your EX offers you to meet at a cafe, it means that he/she wants to spend time with you. It indicates that your EX is missing you a lot and want to share some beautiful moments with you.

4: They will be jealous

Your EX will never be happy to see you with your present partner and you can feel the jealousy on his/her face. If you found that your Ex is being jealous of you, it will be a clear sign that he/she still loves you.

5: Your EX is still single

If you found that your EX is still single, it means that they are still missing you. Your EX is in love with you and still expecting that you will get back to him/her. 

6: They will try to get your attention

Your EX can try to do some awkward things to get your attention. He can do such things that are totally unexpected, and unrelatable to their personality. Like he can jump quickly into another relationship to make you feel jealous.

He/she will show you that life is so pretty or something else. Whereas it is not true because your EX wants your attention. So, if you also miss his company then you both can get in touch again.

7: Your EX can try to be your friend

If he is contacting you after a few days/months, then you should realize that he is missing you. Also, your EX will offer you to become friends and it is a clear sign that he/she wants to stay connected to you. If your EX still misses you, then he/will try to become friends and ask you for sure.

8: Your EX will discuss everything everything

If you are still in touch with your EX and he/she is giving you priority. You should never be confused that does your ex miss you or not.

He/she will discuss everything and wants you to give suggestions. It is very clear that your EX is giving you a sign that you are still special to them.

9: Social Media indicates you 

Social media can help you to know what is happening in your EX’s life. If your EX is still following you on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and many other platforms. You should try to know what is the reason behind this why he/she hasn’t unfollowed you.

Moreover, your EX can like your post, comment on your post, and is sharing some memorable moments. It’s a wonderful sign to understand his/her thoughts, feelings, etc. You can’t ignore these points where your EX indicating you that you are a special person.

10: Your EX will get in touch with your friend 

Your EX will never contact you directly because he/she will be scared about something. Or maybe he/she thinks that you will refuse the meeting etc. Hence, they will try to contact your close friends and ask for help.

Your friend can tell you what is happening to your EX’s life. If he/she is missing you and want to get you back, then your friend can tell you everything. So, stop thinking more because you have a wonderful chance to get your love back.


A long-term relationship never ends easily because both souls are connected to each other. Some serious issues occur in life that may break your relationship.

If you both have spent maximum time together almost five to ten years. Then you are connected to each other with emotional feelings. 

No power can change your emotions if you are still being emotional about your past. It means that you are missing your partner and want them to get back into your life.

Your EX is also connected to you and they are missing you. Your relationship duration, emotional attachment, true feelings, your thinking, everything ensures understanding.

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