What to Say to Your EX to Get Him Back

What to Say to Your EX to Get Him Back review – Over Text

Welcome to this article, We are going to show you that What to Say to Your EX to Get Him Back review – Over Text. This content is very useful.

If you want to get your EX back into your life, then you have to perform many tasks. There are so many things to understand, strategies to improve yourself, and some guidelines to get him back.

It becomes very complicated and no one realizes their past mistakes. But if a girlfriend wants to get back to his EX, then she should eliminate all the negativity and has to say something surprising. Similarly, if a boyfriend wants to get her Ex-girlfriend back, he should apologize first. 

But what to say to your Ex? This is the main question and everyone gets confused in this situation. Some surprising and attractive words are enough to get your ex back and if you don’t know what are those attractive words, then you should read this article.

You are lucky because today we are going to discuss this serious and sweetest topic What to Say to Your Ex to Get Him Back. This discussion will solve all the problems and you will learn the right words which will make you happy. Let’s get start. 

19 Prettiest Things To Say To Your Ex To Get Him Back – Over Text

You can use your way to talk to him and convince him to get back in a relationship. But if it is not acceptable then there is another way to get him back. You should contact him at least 3 months after the breakup.

Then you can say some magical words which will attract him again to you. Some different ways will help you but you should choose the simplest way and start a new conversation to realize everything. These magical and sweetest words are as follows: 

1: “I Want To Apologize And Wish To Come Back Into Your Life”

A girlfriend has to use these words in which she says sorry and accepts her mistakes which becomes the cause of the breakup. The second thing, she should talk to him nicely and say, “I am glad to gave it try and wish to come back into my life”.

2: “You Mean The World To Me”

These words are so attractive and help you to get your ex-boyfriend back. It is a sweet way to saying your Ex that he is a world to you and you want to live your whole life with him. 

3: “I Miss You And Want To Came Back” 

This sentence is heart-touching and a girlfriend has to use these nice words to his Ex. “I Miss You” words will touch his heart and he will see the love through your words. 

4: “No One Can Take That Place In My Life Which You Have”

A girlfriend has to contact her Ex and realize that he is important to her. She should talk to him nicely and say that she cannot give his place in her heart to anyone because he is a deserving person. No one can fill that space in her life which you have. This is sweet and her Ex will realize that she wants to get him back. 

5: “No One Can Make Me Happy As You Can” 

These words will help the most to attract a girlfriend’s Ex and she will get him back. It is an important and attractive way to let him know that you are important to me. She will use these words to realize to him that you will always on my priority and I will give importance to you on my other friends.

6: “I Feel Lucky To Have You Again in My Life” 

She should say that I am lucky to be your girl and will feel lucky to have you again in my life. This sentence is very heart-touching and will touch your Ex’s heart. 

7: “You Still Live in My Heart And I Will Never Let You Go”

These kind words will melt your Ex’s heart and he will come back into your life. He will understand your honest feelings and will come back into your life. 

8: “You Are Everything To Me”

This adorable sentence is heart-melting and your Ex will be glad to hear this from you. This will let him know that he is everything for you and wants a forever connection. 

9: “I Remember Our Memories And Wants More” 

This amazing sentence is very heart-touching and you will be in his mind to think of all memories. He will think of all those happy and cute memories which will make him glad and he will come into your life again. 

10: “You Are A Special Person In My life” 

These precious words will attract your Ex and he will be happy to hear this kind of sentence. His heart will melt and he will think about you. 

11: “I Want To Share Everything With You” 

This sentence will let him know that you think him special and want to be more with him. He will realize that you are so sensitive and want him back into her life. Your sharing will connect you both and create a way to make a new start with each other. 

12: “I Care You And Wants To More” 

This is a nice way to start a conversation with your Ex and say these words. It will let him know that how much you care for him and want again a chance to care about you.

13: “I Am ready To Start A New Story With You” 

A girl should say to her Ex that she still wants to live her life with him. She wants to make a decent and epic story in which they will be a kind, honest, and caring couple. He will understand the feelings of his girlfriend and will think to come back. 

14: “I Will Be Loyal And Never Cheat You Again” 

You should make a sense of words say that you will never cheat him. You want to live with him with loyalty and never give her heart to anyone. 

This nice and deep sentence will help him to realize your feelings. 

15: “I Want You To Know That I Still Love You” 

A girlfriend will impress and attract her Ex-boyfriend. She should say that I am falling in love with you. You are important to me and I never want to lose you. Every day I wake up and think that you are with me. 

16: “I Belongs To you And Wants To Live Always In your Heart” 

A girl should say it nicely to his Ex and realize that she is still in love with him. These melting words will be nice and attract his Ex a lot. 

17: “I Will Change My Bad Habits And Wish To came Back Into Your life” 

She has to improve herself and eliminate all the negativity of her mind. Because boys like the positivity in girls and attract by their beautiful habits. So, if you have any bad habits then change them and try hard to control them, and then send this message to her Ex.  

18: “You Are My Calmness And I Wants To Overcome All My Stress” 

This sentence is nice and heart-melting in which a girlfriend realizes that her man is calm and she feels out of stress with him. Her Ex will also understand her feelings and will come back.

19: “I Want Your Shoulder To Get A Support Of You” 

No doubt women are strong but a heartbroken girl wants strong support from her man. So, a girlfriend can also use these words to get her Ex back and say that he is her actual support and she wants it always. 


If you want your ex back into your life but confuse about many things, then don’t worry and relax your mind. Because you are on the amazing page and will know What to Say to Your Ex to Get Him Back. 

The amazing heart-melting sentences are provided with details in the above section. You have to understand your feelings and then think about saying some kind words.

You should use those words which realize your Ex that you are still in love with him and wants him back in your life. But you should apologize first because sometimes just apologize makes a way to start a conversation and connect you with your Ex. There is not any rocket science and nothing difficult to start your relationship again with your favorite man.

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