how to win her heart back

How To Win Her Heart Back After Hurting Her / Break Up

You don’t know the worth of a person in your life until you lose them. You miss a person when he/she leaves you and it’s natural. Sometimes you love your ex more than anything in your life.

You have had a beautiful time with your ex and now you are living alone. You had been enjoying yourselves together for a long time. You had beautiful life that was full of romance and love. But now you are all alone and feeling incomplete without your partner.

It doesn’t matter why you have broken up because several factors can affect a beautiful relationship. Sometimes it’s a misunderstanding that can ruin your relationship. Sometimes a small thing can ruin a healthy relationship.

Sometimes you feel upset due to your surroundings and you get frustrated with your partner. That’s why you lose the most important person of your life just because of a little frustration.

How to win her heart back

Now it doesn’t matter what made you separate apart from each other. Now the only thing matter is how to win her heart back. You want your lady back because she is the reason for your smile. But it’s not easy to win her back due to many reasons.

It has been shown that only 23% of women prefer getting back to their ex. The rest move on in their personal life. That’s why there is no room for mistakes. You need to follow each step carefully I will list them below. Keep reading to get her back in your life.

Setting realistic expectations

First of all, you need to make up your mind. You should set realistic expectations from these guidelines. It is not an easy task to win her heart back when she is already gone.

She might have moved on and got a beautiful future. She might have found love in her life and doesn’t even want to look back. It’s not like going to the garden and picking up your favorite flower.

You think it’s hard to get started in a relationship but it’s even harder to repair a broken relationship. That’s why you should keep in mind that only 23% of women want to get back to their ex others move on.

Practice making her laugh

Women like men’s sense of humor. They love the person who makes them laugh and feel light. If you had been a serious person with some sort of serious attitude then you need to change your attitude a little bit.

Women have a very unpredictable nature and that’s their beauty. They like a man with high standards and a bossy attitude. But at the same time, they want that boss to treat them like a princess. Do you understand?

They want the charm of your bossy attitude but don’t want to be treated like that. That’s why you need to pull out a book of jokes from your bookshelf and try some jokes. Make her feel light when she is feeling down and that’s the key.

Consider your differences

What could prevail upon you over may not be the same thing that will win hers. Shockingly enough, men are bound to be prevailed upon with praises and gifts. They likewise esteem the impressions of their loved ones more than ladies do.

It’ll be vital to think about your disparities for a fruitful reviving of affection. It is a famous saying that the way to men’s hearts goes through their stomachs. If a woman knows how to make delicious food then she gets a place with her spouse.

Similarly, if you know how to compliment a woman then you can win her heart easily. Similarly, all women are not materialistic but everyone loves flowers and special gifts that are purchased for them specially.

That’s why you should consider these things when trying to win her heart back.

Build an emotional bonding

As mentioned earlier women are not materialistic. If a woman is materialistic then you call her a gold digger. That’s why women’s nature is emotional. If you want to get close to a woman then you need to win her heart emotionally.

No matter how much money you spend on her she only focuses on your emotional gestures. Women always prefer a person who takes care of them during hard times. If you console a woman when she is going through her hard times then it’s a golden period to win her heart.

I am also a woman and I love my husband when he takes care of me when I am not feeling good. That’s why my advice to all men who want their ex back, they should know when their sweetheart is going through hard times. Then you go to them and make them feel light.

Be honest

Honest is always the best policy when it comes to building relationships. When you commit then you don’t have other options except for honesty. If your woman has left you because of your dishonesty then you should work on it.

Ladies always focus on honesty when it comes to men’s personality attributes. Women love a man who is honest with them no matter what happens. Dishonesty can never be encouraged no matter what is the scenario.

That’s why if you want her heart back you must do it by improving your personality qualities. If you cannot be honest with your life partner then sorry you should stop looking for a peaceful life.

Don’t lose hope

If you have tried everything but she is not ready to come back then you must wait. You should give her time because women take time to get back to the same person who let them down. a man can get back to his ex-life partner more easily as compared to a woman.

A woman trusts easily and quickly as compared to a man. But when this trust is broken due to men’s blunders then she hesitates to trust him again. That’s why if you are sincere to get her back then she will ultimately get that gesture.

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