how to keep your man happy

How To Keep Your Man Happy Faithful And Satisfied?

How To Keep Your Man Happy Faithful And Satisfied in 10 Simple Steps in a long distance relationship after having a baby during pregnancy.

In this era, most of the relationships are not easy to tackle, some are delicate, complex, and always not in the same shape. You also know that some marriages last 80 years and some last only 7 days, it is because some people get into the relationships by hoping it will remain last for long term. You can not find any secrets which you can easily fit in a box of happiness, trust, and faithful.

There are lots of positive things which make an attractive picture of you towards your loved one. Lots of women want to know that How To Keep Your Man Happy. For your guidance, here are the 10 best and great tips that can easily attract your man towards you.

If both people in a relationship want to make their relation strong and want to remain for the long term, then they have to commit with relation in a decent way. The listed tips are helpful and work great to make a healthy environment and productive partnership between you and your man.

If you want to maintain and keep your relationship long-lasting, then you have to clearly focus on your communication, making new experiences in a joyful mood with him, and most important is how to respect him attractively.

How To Keep Your Man Happy Step By Step Guide:

1. Give First Priority To Your Partner

It will take time to let you know properly your boyfriend or husband that how much he is special for you in your life. In this era, we are too much busy in our school, work, jobs, and other commitments which are also the main part of our life, but they are in the way of long-term relationships.

You have to take time from this busy routine and give him a tasty snack and some roses on the way home to simply remind him that he is your favorite personality for you.

2. Give Respect and Take Respect

Negligence is the main reason to break up quickly in most relationships. You have to put yourself first in a great way and give respect to the ideas which he shares with you. Be a doormat you have to ruin easily yourself, so don’t be like it. Don’t do everything all the time for him, it will decrease your respect.

Be a woman which has better confidence in communication, is attractive, and important thing is that you have to take care of yourself. You have to make a routine which is efficient for you to work easily and attractively.

3. Great and Effective Body Confidence

In a sexual relationship, you have to keep your body confident in a way that looks attractive and best for him. It is the main key point to attract him easily towards yourself. People changes, and so do their bodies. If you are oversized weight, having bald hairs on your chin, and have lots of scars, who cares?

Some men care about these things in a confident way that they talk with you to enhance yourself and take care of yourself in a beautiful way. But some men who are decent and worthy do not care about these things, they just want you in their life.

If they are shutting down the sex life with you on these points then make sure he is not a relationship killer. Don’t stop yourself to grow in this era positively.

4. Try New And Unique Sex Position

Through sexual activities, How To Keep Your Man Happy and easily attract him. Try to use some new position which gives you lots of love from him and your value will be increased in his life.

You have to give him the best and attractive seductive, which makes him addicted to you every time. But first, you have to be comfortable with the new positions, after that you can attract him effectively.

Try to change kissing spots on his body while having sex with him. But keep in mind, not everything you should try will give you great feelings, you have to open yourself in this process.

After some time, you will feel great and confident with these positions. In this way, he may have a better idea that what he wants and if not, you should try something new which is attractive for him.

5. Be A Open-Minded

This process will do a lot of things positive which is mandatory in a relationship, especially in the bedroom. Everyone have different tastes and style, you have to choose your sex style with him which is attractive for both of you.

Don’t try to stop him on the spot in sexual life, but talk with him that you don’t like the way which he wants. If he is a worthy man, he will understand your point and take your hand again for a happy relationship.

6. Fully Trust On Him

You have to completely respect your partner’s ideas and intelligence, try to assure him that your trust relies on him. Keep sure yourself that there is no one, who can break this trust level between you and your man. Try not to hound him about his colleagues, any neighbor, or any friend.

In the relationship, insecurities are the major cause of the breakup. But if you have legal concerns about his cheating, then an honest and respectful conversation is the best part to overcome the issue effectively.

7. Don’t talk In His Absence

Every couple saw lots of difficult times in their relationship, but how to overcome the situation is the main question for every woman. Remember this, if you airing the situation with your friends and family members that what is happening in your relationship life then it will the main cause to worsen your relationship. Sometimes you have to talk with your man in a peaceful way, which is a result of happiness, and make a strong bond with your man.

8. Try To Flirt With Him

Keep flirting with your man and having a fun time with him, makes a remarkable sketch of your time in mind. It will keep your relationship passion alive and also plays a vital role to make a strong relationship. Try to do some new things together, and plan a solo date with him, which will give you positive energy to make your bond more effective.

9. Support

With the sexual life routine, a man also needs support from his wife. If you effectively encourage him, then he will want to be with you all the time.

In general, men do not open up easily as women do, so don’t feel hesitant to start a conversation with them. Your one word of care means a lot for him and it will boost him to achieve his dream goals effectively.

10. Give Him Appreciation

Most of the men work outside the home, let him know that he is a worthy husband for you, and you love him so much. It will make him fresh and your bond gets stronger if he gets appreciation from his love.

It will give him to think more about you and his family. If he works from the home, he also sacrifices lots of things only for his family. Positive feedback from the loved one makes the journey easier than ever.


There are lots of things, which every woman needs to learn to make their relation longer and safer. In this article, you will get lots of tips and information which is necessary for every woman to make a strong commitment with his husband or boyfriend.

Through these  10 effective tips, you will get things easier than ever. So, don’t miss the chance and give it a try in real life for a positive outcome.

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