Best Dating Advice for Women

Best Dating Advice for Women – Tips to Make Him Yours

When it comes to relationships today’s generation fears to be committed. They think that they would lose their personal interest and life goals after getting committed. But they don’t know a perfect relationship can give them eternal happiness, satisfaction, and joy.

Women often ask what makes men fall in love with them. They are always in search of some useful relationship or dating tips that always work. But honestly, not all tips can work for everyone. Everyone has different types of relationships with different commitments and promises.

That’s why you need a general approach to dating that can make your relationship strong and lovely. Here are the top 7 best dating tips for women men are powerless to resist.

Top 7 Best Dating Advice for Women

Do Whatever You Were Doing Before

This is the main mistake women often commit when they enter a relationship. When you start dating a guy never rely on him too much. Don’t quit upon those things you loved to do.

Simply be yourself and don’t change your living standards due to one person. If you had a morning routine with a yoga session or exercise then keep doing it. If you had yearly plans with your colleagues or friends then stick to them.

Shortly, keep doing your stuff because the man you are dating has started dating you without expecting any change. He loves you, your personality your existence. He entered your life after seeing your interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and routine.

Dating Manners

Having dinner with childhood friends, college mattes or siblings is different from with your future partner. He came to the dinner table to know about you, your choices, habits, hobbies, and your real charm.

If he had to drink alcohol he could go to bars or other places. But he sat with you and decided to eat with you.

But it doesn’t mean that you start making him bore with your childish gossip and nonsense talks. Talk wisely but don’t overreact just be yourself.

You are a woman but it doesn’t mean that he will always order food. Order real food and learn his favorites.

Give Him Time

Guys are possessive about their freedom of being single. That’s why they take some time to get ready for a commitment. Girls often decide earlier than boys who is the person they should live with. But boys always hesitate to start a relationship.

After two or three dinners if you tell him that you are ready for a relationship then you are giving him the wrong gesture. He would judge you and think that you rush in making boyfriends.

It is better to take some time to know more about him and let him know about you. This will make your relationship even stronger and long-lasting.

You may end up marrying that person you know very well. That is why it’s better to research before you regret it. You are not giving him time to know about you but allowing yourself to be sure about the person you are going to date.

Don’t Get Desperate

After the first dinner date, the guy who is looking for casual fun would expect a sudden invitation from you. But the person who is looking to build a long-term relationship would never get physical after just one or two dinner dates.

Those who plan to go longer, take time to decide. If you ask him first due to fear of losing him, you would end up being judged. He would judge you for being desperate for any other guy too. You are giving him the wrong gesture.

Also, this will give you some time to know about his intentions whether he is boyfriend material or just looking for casual fun.

Don’t take the “get to know each other” step for granted.

Maintain A Natural Communication Balance

Girls often make the mistake is calling their men constantly. They call, text, and email their man all the time that they start fearing a relationship. Men never want their women to text or call all the time. It gives them a gesture that you are very desperate and know their location all the time.

It doesn’t mean that you should never approach the person you are dating but maintaining a natural balance is the key.

Text him, call me and naturally approach him. Give him a chance to miss you and text you. He would call, text, or email you only if you give him a chance. Texting or calling him all the time would snap his chance to text or call you.

Don’t Consider Yourself Exclusive

Women are possessive of their men but they should never consider themselves exclusive. As you like your freedom and self-respect your man also does.

You shouldn’t expect your man to ignore all the world except you. Give them space and let them enjoy their own world where their loved ones live.

I personally don’t like the ladies who demand their men not to talk to others. This is so sick because nobody likes to get bounded by someone special. Everybody has relationships, friends, and family to deal with. So never make them ignore the whole world just for you.

Give Your Man A Valid Chance

Sometimes we go through bad experiences and you might have gone through it too. But it doesn’t mean that all guys are the same. If you or your fellow had a bad experience then it doesn’t mean that you would always get bad guys. So give your man a chance to prove himself.

Final Thoughts

You will definitely find a committed guy who is serious about you, who fears losing you, and who loves you from the depth of his heart. That time will come when you will feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

I have mentioned some of the best tips or advice that you call I experienced in my relationship. I think all these tips work great because they match the laws of human nature.

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