How To Get Commitment From A Guy

How To Get Commitment From A Guy With Easy Steps

Having a beautiful and lovely relationship is a dream of every girl. Being in love with someone who makes you feel special every moment is no more than a blessing. A person who is committed to you and loves you with his every breath is a gem.

Every girl grows up watching dreams of her prince who will come and fulfill her life. It’s an eternal desire of every girl to have a man who is committed to him and loves her more than anything else.

We don’t pay attention to small but beautiful relationships around us. We don’t make those relationships special because we are too busy to taste their pleasure.

If you are also a lady who wants to get the commitment from a guy but you are a little bit confused then keep reading. Because today I am here with six awesome steps to get the commitment from a guy.

6 easy steps to get commitment from a guy

Self Confidence

A man doesn’t like a woman who is desperate to be in a relationship. It’s always a negative gesture that makes a guy feel that you are a weak woman. If you show desperation towards a relationship then it will send a message that you are willing to do anything.

Instead, you should keep your self-confidence high and create your own image. Your God-gifted talent and attributes would make him inspired to commit to you. Now he sees that you are a strong woman having a unique identity and self-esteem.

Your self-confidence is your real strength that keeps your dignity safe. If you care about your dignity, your guy will also respect you. You both are capable of pouring into the relationship and elevating each other’s lives.

Give him space

This is the technique that always worked for me. I assure you that if you understand this phenomenon of giving space to your guy you would never lose him.

Often guys avoid committed relationships because they think that being in a relationship with someone means losing your own identity. This makes sense because men never compromise on their freedom. They can’t let their life decisions be decided by a lady.

You must give your guy a healthy space where you both can enjoy your lives without influencing each other. You shouldn’t give up on your dreams, projects, and plans just because of him.

Keep hanging out with friends, indulge yourself in healthy activities or hobbies, and plan your life confidently. This will give him a message that living in a relationship doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams, desires, life goals, and plans.

Create an emotional connection

Vulnerability is the tool that works for ladies every time. You can build a strong emotional connection with your partner through vulnerability. Men grow up learning that they are strong and they shouldn’t cry.

A man is a human being after all having emotions that can make him break down. If you want to build a strong emotional connection with your guy be vulnerable to him. He will find a safe space where he can open up.

Men often don’t have emotional support systems such as sisters, cousins, and friends. He fails to explore his fears, worries, and pain. As a result, he never finds a solution to his issues.

You need to make him realize that he doesn’t need to be perfect for you. He can be his authentic self around you with his strengths and weaknesses. Once you become his safe place where he can be vulnerable, he would fear losing you.

Add value to his life

Why a man who is living a bachelor’s life full of fun and enjoyment would make a committed relationship? He can only sacrifice his freedom if he finds something special and unique about you.

Try to upgrade his life assuring him that it is better to be with you rather than be alone. Simply being with you should mean more love, more fun, and more purpose.  If you want to get commitment from a guy you have to add value to his life.

Add value to his life without losing your true identity. Be your true self ensuring that you are a perfect match for him. Make his life full of enjoyment and love so that he fears being alone.

Make him invest in you

If a woman becomes an easy target for a man, she loses her true identity, and with time she is no more interesting to him. A person fears losing something when he has invested his time, money, and effort to achieve it.

If you want to get commitment from a guy, challenge him to be his best for you. He has to do things to meet your standards. Whether it’s financial or emotional, he would care for his investment.

You will become a precious thing for him that he has achieved with passion, effort, and time.

Be his perfect match

It’s my observation that men take everything in their life as a business deal. If he finds something unique and special about you that can complete his life, he would adore you.

You don’t need to change yourself to meet his expectations. Just be yourself so that he could find exactly what he needs to complete his life. Because some men look for a woman of their level. Some would find a woman with certain qualities they don’t possess.

Once you give him a gesture that you are a perfect match for him he would start adoring you. He will know that you are the one he can’t live without.

Final Thoughts

It is not hard to get a commitment from a guy if you stay positive and determined. Never change yourself for the sake of others’ pleasure because it can lead you to an unhappy life. Instead, keep your self-esteem high and focus on fulfilling your goals. If a person finds interest in you, he would definitely want to be in a committed relationship.

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