Paragraph To Send To Your Ex

Paragraph To Send To Your Ex you Want Back – Best Friend

Losing your boyfriend or girlfriend is the most hurting situation which everyone faces in their life, but a very small number of people spend time with their partner happy.

There are some reasons behind this problem which you need to understand because it will help you to live life with your desired partner happily and remain relationship for the long term.

Most people are searching for guidelines and techniques through which they can easily attract the attention of their ex-partner. Losing confidence and lack of communication will lead your partner away from your relationship.

Do you want to get information that how to get the attention of your ex-partner and want them back in your life again? If yes, then there are various Paragraph To Send To Your ex and he/she will return to your life again with more care and love.

Keep in mind that you need to send these love paragraphs to your ex if you desperately want them in your life. Also, it will enhance your understanding level in your relationship which can make more strong bond with your ex-partner. So, let’s start with further details!

8 Best and most Attractive paragraphs to get your Ex-partner back

  1. People say that the heart heals with time, but in my condition, it refused to heal. There is no power who will be able to especially replace you in the core of my heart. I am desperate and want you to come back again in my life. Also, I hope that this message will enable you to consider our love for living together. Please, come back my love!
  2. My love, you are the sunshine in my life that I don’t want to lose because you live in the core of my heart. You are the only happiness of my heart, you are the music to my soul. I love you so much and I hope you will not leave me alone.
  3. I know it has been a long while since we happily spoke with each other, and no matter how hard I try to control my thoughts of you, I cant. I yearn for your pure love. I only want to live with you forever. Please, my love, come back!
  4. Darling, lots of things have not been easy after you left me; my heart always yearns for your care and love. I will feel grateful if we talk about what happened.
  5. I know that Sorry isn’t enough to control the overall things in a relationship, but I have to say sorry, my love. I want to start our relationship again with much care and love, we need to make things right. Also, I promise that I never hurt your feelings again, because I love you so much. Please, my darling comes back.
  6. I know that I hurt your feelings and I am very embarrassed by this action. Please, my sweetheart, I hope that you accept me again in your life.
  7. every day, when the sun sets and rises, I always think about you and I can’t get control of my thoughts of you. My world stopped after you left me because I seek happiness and healthy life in you. My world will continue when you come back again to my life.
  8. My heart always yearns for your love, and I don’t want to spend my life without you. Because I seek happiness in your words and actions, my heart beats only with you, sweetheart. I am sorry for hurting your feelings, and I promise that I will never do again the same action which you don’t like.

5 Best and Powerful paragraphs to get your ex-girlfriend back

  1. Even if we are not together, there is a special thing that I am sure about. My love and care for you always remain the same, my Sweetheart. I always try to control my thoughts and love for you, but all in vain because I still love you more than you think. I am sorry, my Queen. Come back, because I can’t stop loving you.
  2. I may be not a perfect partner for you, but I always try my best to give you much care and love for you. You can’t imagine how much I yearn for your love. Please give me a single chance to love you back and forgive me for the odd actions, you don’t like in our relationship. It’s time to make things right.
  3. Without you, I can’t communicate with other people in society, because you are my confidence. Without you, I feel that I don’t belong in this world. You make me feel alive always and you are the only person who ignites my feelings.
  4. Before I sleep, your words and love thoughts come into my mind which I can’t control in any way.
  5. No one gave me more confidence and care than you do for me. You make my life wonderful. My sweet love, I know how much I hurt your feelings last time, but I can’t imagine a single time without you. Now I completely regret all the odd actions, I do with you. I am sorry, Sweetheart.

5 unique paragraphs to get your ex-boyfriend back

  1. I know it’s my worst mistake to part ways with you. Now, I know that it was not the right step and now I only want to be with you. We need to start again healthily and happily. I love you, my sweetheart!
  2. No power can separate us from each other, because I know we love each other and also we can solve our problems. I hope you’ll give me another chance to start a happy life.
  3. Every day, I feel like I am alone even I am around my friends. This thing happens, because you are not with me, I want you in my life again. I miss sharing my journey in life with you. I love you, my life.
  4. I regret my odd actions, this thing is bothering me that I make some steps that ruin our relationship. So, please come back my love, I want to spend my whole life with you and want to complete your every heart desire. I deeply feel that you need to give me another chance and remember that I am nothing to you.
  5. My life is awesome with you, my love, and now I cannot imagine a second without you. Keep in mind that the longer we are away from each other, the more I want you back in my life. We need to open a conversation and solve all the problems. I desperately need you in my, because I am worried about your health and want to give you more care and love.


Now, you can easily get back your ex-partner in your life again. You only need to send the above paragraphs to your ex and wait for their response.

Keep in mind one most important thing that you only need to choose paragraphs one at a time, otherwise, it will show your ex-partner that you are just sending paragraphs without any serious intention.

Send one paragraph at a time will show your ex-partner, that you desperately want them in your life again. Moreover, there are multiple benefits of using these paragraphs and it will enhance the attraction and understanding with your ex-partner.

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