Should I Text Him First

Should I Text Him First Again After A Fight / No Contact

In today’s world, texting is an important way of communication in which most women thinks that Should I Text Him First or just wait for his texts.

Do you want to know details that give you the idea that whether you need to text him first or not?

Here we will give you information about multiple things which you must need to know before texting your desired guy. In a relationship, the overall rules of texting each other can also be confusing and frustrating, but there are solid guidelines that can help you to sort out this problem.

Do guys wait for your texts?

As it is clear that communication over text plays a major role to enhance your relationship status. However, everyone has a different nature some guys take the first step to send texts to show they are loyal to you, and others might have shy nature.

So, you don’t need to be afraid by taking the first move when it comes to saving your relationship. Keep in mind to focus on the behavior of your guy, and if he smiles at you and wants to talk every time with you, then it means he likes you.

How do you know if your guy is waiting for your text?

Three tips give you the idea that either your guy is waiting for your text or not:

1. He Smiles at you and makes eye contact with you

You need to keep track of his activity around you and then you will get a clear idea that whether he is waiting for your text or not. Also, you need to note how he acts towards other people and how he acts with you, it will give you a clear hint as well.

If he only focused on you, then it might be possible that he is waiting for your text. For example, if you enter a room then he feels brightened.

2. He talks about your boyfriend or can say he is single

While listening to his talks with you, you can get a clear idea that whether he is into you or not. If you feel that he is nice and loyal to you, then you need to text him immediately because he probably wants you in his life.

Suppose, “ I was thinking about our last conversation. How are you doing?”

3. He tries hard to be nice to you

After reviewing his behavior with you during the past few interactions, you can easily get the hint that he likes you and waiting for you to text him.

You can pay more attention to the specific things which he offers to help you such as bringing your favorite drink or giving a nice compliment.

So, if he acts with such behavior with everyone then he might be a kind person.

Should I text him first or wait for his text?

This is the important question that almost every woman has thoughts about in a relationship. With the below 3 points you will get a clear idea that whether you need to for his text or should text him first.

1. Go ahead and text him

If your recent interaction is great with him, then you should need to text him and thanks for everything. It will let him know that you had an amazing time with him and he will get more interest in you.

You could say a lot of things such as “Tonight was great, and I enjoyed the time with you”, and “ Thank you for your time and it was an amazing evening for you.”

2. First text break the ice

You don’t need to wait his turn to text you first, in relationship texts over communication play an important role and you need to understand it’s important.

You can text him by asking casual questions or can share interests that might pull him to text you first the next time. You could text various things such as “What Topic did you pick in university?”.

3. You need to wait for his response after sending the first text

Keep in mind by limit yourself will major role in your self-respect. After sending him the first text, you surely need to wait for his reply. It will get you the idea that what he wants and what he had thoughts about you.

During waiting, you can focus on multiple things which take your mind off such as playing online games, cooking, reorganizing the room, and much more.

If you don’t get a reply, then you don’t need to feel hurt because you can save these texts from someone else who wants to hear exciting things from you.

Should you send texts first after a fight?

After a fight, there are a lot of things that need to be covered in less time. So, with the below 3 guidelines, you will get an idea that whether you need to send him texts first after a fight or not.

1. He might be waiting for an apology from you

During a fight, if you feel that you hurt him then you surely need to send him texts first and make an apology for your action. So, it’s clear that if you are at fault then you immediately send him a text.

Telling him where things get wrong and by making promising to do his best in the future will break the ice in a relationship. You could send texts such as

  • “I know that I was wrong to not let you know the secret and I hurt you. I am Sorry for my fault, I promise I will never do things again which hurt you”
  • “Oh, I am sorry because I forget about our indoor plans. I know it hurts you.”

2. He may need space

After the fight, you both need some space from each other and this space will enhance your feelings naturally. So, you need to give some time to your guy after an argument, if he asked for space then you surely need to give him.

You can do a lot more stuff until things get cool down and then after you feel he is fine now, then you can send him texts such as “If you want to talk about what happened recently, then we need to talk like a family member or like a best friend”.


In life, there are different situations where people think should they need to take the first step or wait for the other person to take the first step.

So, now it’s clear that should I need to text him first or wait for his text with the above practical examples. Sending him a text first will break the ice more easily because he just needs to reply to your text and things will get better.

After an argument, if you feel that you just hurt him and it was your mistake then you need to talk with him first and make a promise to him to not do anything again which hurt him.

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