Signs A Guy Is Into You

Obvious Physical Signs A Guy Is Into You – Body Language

Women are strong personalities by heart but sometimes a man can attract them and they fall in love badly. If the same thing happens to you and you are taking an interest to know his feelings towards you.

Then you should arrange meetings, start dating, and try to know what he likes about you. It is simple and every girl can do it easily but the confusion is how to know a man likes you. Or what are the signs a guy is into you?

To know the reality about your man that is he interested in you or not, you should learn some techniques. There are simple ways to understand or feel the truth about your man, relationship, or his thinking. These are as follows:

1: Try to Understand His Body Language

If you are spending some hours with your man, you can easily know what is in his heart or mind. Also, you can know what he feels or thinks about you. You just have to keep an eye on his body language and take interest in him. If your man likes you, then he will try to help you.

Even you are in the kitchen and making some favorite food for you both. He will try to make you feel easy, will try to help you, or will share his cooking tips. If your man is doing the same, then he is interested in you and he likes you.

Moreover, you can read his eyes when he will talk to you because real love feels from the eyes. When he will talk to you and smiles while talking, it means he likes you and it’s a big sign. Whereas some boys are very shy and they can’t look into the eyes. If your man is also shy then stop making him uncomfortable.

2: Pay Attention To Him

If he is around you and sees you many times, then you can notice a smile on his face. Hence, it is a sign that he likes you. But it is not an authentic way to judge him because it’s not a clear sign. Your friend can also do the same and maybe he just likes to spend his time with you.

It doesn’t mean he is in love with you. But if he is paying his full attention to you or wants you to talk more and make you feel comfortable.

Also, if he makes you happy, then you should take some time to understand the situation. Maybe after a few days, he clearly shows you his love, respect, and feelings for you.

3: Ask Your Friends

You can ask your friends what your man is thinking about you. Because if he likes you then he will tell your friends everything. But he is not showing you because of some issues or maybe he wants to give you a surprise.

Or maybe he wants you to express your feelings first. Also, you can talk to his friends and try to know what he says about you. If you are feeling shy to ask him directly about his feelings about you, then this is a great idea.

15 Signs To Know A Guy Is Into You

There are clear signs to know whether a guy likes you or not. So, you do not need to waste your time.

1: If he is around you and touching you while talking. Then it is a sign that he wants your attention. Men are more physical than women so he will not say anything. Just pay attention to his hands because if he likes you, he will touch you.

2: He will remember your past meetings and will discuss some points many times. As men have small memory but if they like someone then they will never forget their happy moments.

3: If your man is interested in you, then he will ask you everything. He will try to discuss your all problems, will try to solve them and make you feel happy.

4: He will give you a clear sign on social media to know that he likes you. If you both are social media friends and are spending your time on social media applications. Then he will tag you in romantic posts, and share some clips, and pictures. So, you can know what he wants and thinks about you.

5: If you both are together and he is giving eye contact. It means that he is really sincere with you and you are living in his heart.

6: He will offer you to spend most of the time in his favorite places. Or he will offer you to go for long drive, cafeteria, dinner, or tours.

7: If he is always making plans to travel with you and also share with you. Then you should understand his feelings because he wants to make memories with you.

8: If you both are good friends and he is falling in love with you. Then he will ask you about your past like your ex-boyfriend. It is a clear sign that a guy is into you.

9: Men are so possessive of their girls. Even they feel jealous when their girls talk to other boys. Hence, you can feel or see his reaction whilst talking to other male friends.

10: You can feel his happiness while talking to you. Because if a man is interested in you and likes you. He will feel happy, will make you feel comfortable, and also will agree with your decisions.

11: If a man likes you, he will share his plans with you. He will tell you about his likes or dislikes, his favorite places, his goals, his target, etc.

12: Your man will never want to see you in anger. Even he will try to change his behavior, his way of talking, his habits, etc.

13: If your man is in love with you, he will dress up himself according to your likes or dislikes. Even he will change his look as you want. So, it is a special point from signs a guy is into you.

14: He will never hide his feelings for more time because men like to share everything with their girls. If they are in love they hardly try to show you their feelings. Hence, if you are spending most of your time with someone, soon he will let you know what he feels for you.

15: Always he will defend you when someone hurts you or insult you. He will never leave you alone in any situation because he cares about you.


It is hard to understand signs a guy is into you but if you are spending most of the time with him. Then you will easily know what he thinks about you. Three simple and easy methods are discussed here to know what your man is feeling for you.

But if you fail to know then there are 15 signs to know what he feels about you. If your man truly loves and gives you signs, then you should respect his feelings. You can talk to him directly and discuss your future.

If you are interested in your man and feel that your love for him is growing day by day, then you should clear everything first. All the confusion will be solved and you can enjoy your life with your desired man.

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