How To Make Him Crave You

How To Make Him Crave You Back Again Long Distance

Are you searching for How To Make Him Crave You? Lots of women around the globe want to attract their crush with more attention and love in an effective way.

For this purpose, we give you depth information through which you can easily attract his attention and he will gonna miss you all the time. If you want to be a woman whom your crush or hubby dreams for, and don’t know the tips and tricks to attract him then you are in the right place.

Here, we will give you multiple tips and tricks through which you will surely get more care, love, and attraction from your desired guy whether he is your boyfriend or hubby.

So, when you completely implement these best tips and tricks, then your guy won’t leave you in any situation. Let’s jump into further information on How To Make Him Crave You!

Top 9 Best Ways To Make Him Crave You Desperately

With these tips and tricks, your desired guy doesn’t want to leave you in any type of situation. Also, if you break up and want to get him back then these tips will also give you a positive outcome according to your desire.

1. Keep Him Guessing

It is the most amazing and smart way to make your guy crave for you is that you don’t need to tell them everything about you in just one moment. It means you need to control yourself by not telling him the experience of your life.

This technique will work great and put him on a high crave by keeping him guessing about his different dislikes of his life, what you like in his life, what are your life secrets, and so on.

With this technique, you can also judge how much he cares about you and if he seriously wants to be with you for the long term, then he will surely want to know more things about you.

2. Call Him By Some Attractive And Cute Names

With this technique, you can surely make your guy crave you for the long term. Most men want to listen to their names by their women. It is a sexier thing for men that hear their name across their lovely partner’s lips.

At any time you can mention his lovely and cute name often. Maintaining a balance in this technique is worth it for you and he will surely crave for you desperately. You can call him by different cute names such as babe, honey, love, and so on.

3. Enhance Your Lifestyle And Looking

With this technique, you can also make him crave for you for the long term and he will never want to see another woman when you implement this technique in your life. It will surely lead to more attention from your desired guy.

When you implement this tip in your life, then he will surely notice it and want to be with you all the time. What you need to do is know each detail that what he likes and love in you, and then you need to change things accordingly.

Keep in mind that this change should be completely different from your everyday looking and make sure it will grab his interest and more love.

You can wear some attractive clothes, wear lipstick which he likes most, get a decent haircut or can tie your hair according to his wish. These are the small changes that can surely bring more love and attraction to him.

4. Unexpected Touch

This is a wonderful technique that brings different and powerful feelings together, and it will surely make him crave for you. An unexpected touch will take your guy by an attractive surprise.

For example, you can reach his pockets to search for the keys and just touch his arms. It will create a strong connection when he is least expecting this action.

When you are not with him, then he will surely miss these moments and get instantly will crave for you which every woman wants in their relationship.

5. Compliment Him Often

It is the technique that gives you information that you want to be desired and loved by your guy and in the same way, almost every men love the feeling of being appreciated or being wanted.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to limit the compliments to just his looks. You can tell him more different things such as appreciate the work which he trying to do for you or how you liked how he dealt with a specific situation.

These compliments will enhance his self-confidence and he will not want to leave you in any situation. After your compliments, he will automatically start doing more good things which you liked the most and want to make you happy. Even when you are around him, he will think that how to make you happy through his actions.

6. Give Him Space

Do you know that most men want to chase different things which are not easily accessible to them? It is a natural thing and applies to this technique too.

If you think that your relationship faces some issues or you are spending time after break up, then keep in mind that you need to give him some space and don’t resist him meeting with you.

Also, you do not always say yes to his date plans or anything because sometimes a no can also do work for you. By this technique, you can give him chance to crave more about you and miss you.

7. Take Him Down With Good Memory

With the help of this technique, even if you are in some good condition in your relationship then this technique will rescue you. You just need to include the good memories with your guy in your coming conversations.

You can remind him how you fell for his love and what your feeling was and so on. It will rebuild and enhance the love and care that you experienced when you first met with him. After implementing this technique, he will crave you more than ever.

8. Be Your Own Women

It is also one of the best and worthy techniques to crave him more about you. When you show him that you are happily pursuing your all hobbies, commitments, personal goals, and interests, then you will surely be on his mind all the time. So, it’s great for you to be your own woman.

9. Be Attractive In Bed

It is another way to crave him about your more and it is necessary for you to know how to rock him in bed, then he will surely miss or crave you when you are not around him.

If you are in a long-distance relationship then this technique is really helpful for making your man always yours. You need to be a sex goddess which surely makes him crave you and miss you all the time.

Keep in mind that working on this technique, you need to know what your guy likes or doesn’t likes in bed.


Every woman wishes to get more attraction and love from their partner and for this purpose, all the listed 9 tips will help you in this matter.

How to make him crave you is now easy for every woman because of the above-listed techniques, and this technique will surely help you to get more affection, interest, love, and care from your partner.

You just need to work on each technique separately and you can make him miss you all the time.


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