how to make a guy think about you

How To Make A Guy Think About You All The Time

Getting started in a relationship is not easy it is complicated and beautiful at the same time. When it comes to getting noticed by your partner you mostly get pressurized.

You start thinking that your partner is not giving you time or getting interested in other stuff rather than you. Other things are getting more important you’re your partner except you. These things are not easy to accept because they target your inner confidence.

You start losing your trust in your relationship and everything is suspicious for you. You ultimately start searching for tips to make him think about you when you are not around.

It’s a fact that true love gets stronger when two partners are separated by earth distances. Because when your souls are connected then earth distances don’t matter.

But if your partner’s love and attraction get affected by earth distances then it’s an alarming situation for your relationship.

How To Make Him Think About You When You Are Not Around

When you will search for this query you will be overwhelmed by thousands of tips and hundreds of relationship counselors giving tips. But don’t let them make you a fool because things are quite easy.

Here I will tell you how you can make a guy think about you even when you aren’t around.

Believe In Yourself

Before getting started let’s promise to believe in yourself no matter what happened. It’s an essential trait of your personality that helps you to grow. You need to stay confident in your life on your decisions no matter what happens.

In case he doesn’t think about you or doesn’t care for you then what will happen at most? Nothing, because you only lose something when you give up on that thing. If you don’t lose the real you then keep believing in yourself.

This is the mindset you need to have before starting the whole process.

Once you make a decision stick to your decision because you are right and you deserve everything good that comes in your life. Embrace yourself and accept yourself just like you are.

Loving Locally

Here is my first and most interesting tip to make him think about you when you are not around. Let’s take a notebook and pencil to note down this tip because it’s going to work.

Ask him about his location means where he is living. Just a common address and area don’t pretend to be a stalker.

After that find the nearest coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. You can visit them one by one if you want to be too real.

After that between the conversation, you can tell him that you love the coffee shop in his area. Or the street he just walks by daily you can cover that area and find your favorite food.

Now, what will happen next? Next time whenever he passes by that street, area, or specific cafe he will think about you and your conversation about that spot. It’s cool, isn’t it? You are on his mind even when you are not around.

You must be laughing that it’s silly but trust me it always works.

Comment In An Innocent Way

When we meet the person we like we often compliment them about his clothing, shoes, or other accessories he is wearing.

Here is the thing, you have had many compliments till now how many of them do you remember today? A very few? Do you remember the person who complimented you? A very few of them of course.

The same works when you give him compliments, he would remember you for one or more than two days not for so long.

If you want to be in his memories for a long time then you need to be creative, you need to do something different from what others don’t do.

Look at his pants, shoes, and other appearance factors. Just be creative and comment innocently.

You can tell him,” Oh your shoes are awesome my grandpa is also searching for them”

Or you can say,” oh do you cuff your jeans?

You can also mention, “You have a cute little flat nose”

Next time whenever he will see his shoes or cuff his jeans, you will be on his mind. Once he starts thinking about you, you are successful.

Get Disappeared

Now, this sounds to be familiar because most coaches talk about this. Here you need to move away from him not to move to the other country. You just need to take a break or shift your routines.

This will make him wonder why you are not around and what you are doing.

If you always stay around you will be taken for granted as you are considered as n available thing all the time. if you make yourself available for everyone and all the time then you will lose your importance.

For this put a little effort and don’t be around him for a few days or weeks so that you could stay on his mind.

Don’t worry because it always works. When you are not around he will miss you whenever he passes by the places or spots you have been there.

Mistry Is The Key

When you are not around he will be thinking about you. So when you are in his company he will try to discover where you have been and what were you doing. Here you need to be very careful.

You don’t need to be an open book and tell everything about yourself. Neither you should be standoffish because it will be rude.

Just don’t tell them everything about you. Keep your secrets so that he tries to figure out himself and find new things about him.

Live your life freely with confidence. Don’t be afraid of losing people because if you are confident about yourself then the universe will take care of you. You will get everything you deserve just believe in yourself and stay motivated all the time.

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