Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

Texts That Will Make Him Chase You – How To Get A Guy

Most women feel shy when it comes to communicating with their guy physically, but on texts, you can share your feelings with him easily. Well, it is not important that if you are shy then only you can send flirty texts to him.

Sharing your thoughts on texts is a great way to enhance your relationship and this technique makes a strong bond. So, if you are here to get detailed information about Texts That Will Make Him Chase You then you are welcome here.

The main question comes here what type of texts do you need to send your guy which makes him fall for you. It’s not a mystery anymore, because we give you information about unique and attractive texts which make a guy chase you.

All you need to do is just pick the specific phrase which suits your situation and that’s it. So, let’s dive into further details!

How You Can Make Him To Chase You On Texts?

Have you idea the core difference between flirty texts and friendly texts? If you are asking this question yourself, then you are truly on the right path.

The flirty texts are those which you want to send your desired guy which will make him chase you. Communicating over text is the most easiest and effective way to share your feelings about another person.

There are a few considerations that you surely need to keep in your mind before sending flirty texts to your desired guy.

  • Don’t need to read all the texts at the same time.
  • Don’t send all your texts at the same time.
  • Match the tone according to his texts.
  • Less is enough sometimes.

Top 8 Best Texts That Make Him To Chase You

If you don’t know what type of flirty texts you need to send your desired guy, then here is detailed information about these texts. With the help of these flirty texts, you can make your guy fall for you and always think about you.

1. “I have an attractive story which I want to tell you when I see you next”

With the help of this text, he will definitely want to hear what you have to tell him. It will make him think and desperately want to meet you. This text will give him hint to secure the next date with you.

You need to understand that writing a flirty text simply means creating a unique mystery for the other person. It will make your desired guy wonder about you and it will let him chase you.

2. “I am figuring out my weekend plans”

It is the best way to give him a hint that you are planning some weekend plans and want to be with him. Keep in mind that it is a subtle approach that let him know that you are free this weekend. So, let your guy take the lead and find a better place to take you out.

3. “I have a dream yesterday, you need to guess what I dreamed about”

Yes, it is a big part of the texts which makes him chase you. The main goal of this text is to make sure that you are on his head completely, no matter if he is busy with his daily routine.

By telling him that you have a vivid dream about him and you are completely overdriving now. So, after hearing this he will push you to share more details with him and then he will think about you all day.

4. “I had the best time last night. You made me a fan of cowboy”

Sexy texts are powerful but also you need to remain balanced with sweetness as well. You can compliment him and by sending texts you can thank him for the last night’s date.

After this text, he will surely want to make another plan for you. You don’t need to reply to him on time, but after a day you can send him texts which show some appreciation for you.

By seeing your sincerity, he will want to spend his life with you without wasting any time.

5. “Yesterday, you are looking really hot. I like your sense of fashiony dressing”

You need to understand that almost every woman receives compliments that she wears beautiful clothes and these compliments may be received from family members and friends.

But men hardly receive any type of compliment which appreciate the style of their dressing or outer traits. So, if you like his hairstyles, body, clothes, and watch, then you surely need to mention it.

After your compliment, he will feel more special and it will let him chase you all the time to impress you with his dress. Using masculine words such as “sexy” and “hot” will surely make him melt and it will attract more attention to your personality

6. “Do you know that I am wearing the same dress which you like the most”

If you want him to chase you badly, then this text will play right according to your desire. After this text, he will make a picture of you in his mind and think about you all day and night.

So, it is the best way to send him texts that you are wearing his favorite dress and then he will start imagining you with his favorite dress. Sending him your half mirror selfie will let him to his imagination.

Also, you need to make a promise that he will see you in the same dress in the coming days. Yes, it is seductive texts which make him chase you badly and beg you for the date as soon as possible.

7. “Probably you don’t know this, but here’s I like one thing about you…”

It is a combination of taboo texts which works with great sweetness and love at the same time. It is the best compliment for him to chase you badly and also it will enhance his interest in you.

After reading this text, he will smile and want to know more about his personality from you. If you think that he is a great romancer or a kisser, then you also need to mention it in the text.

If you are a shy woman then it is the perfect text which shows her authentic and natural self to a guy in whom you are interested.

8. “You looked amazing in last night’s function. It’s a good thing that we are special friends”

With this text, you show him little interest in him and if you show too much interest in him then might be possible that he won’t put any effort in chasing you.

Also, you need to send this text if you know him well. Keep in mind that almost every man loves a good and mystery chase, and this text is a great way to start it.


If you want that your desired guy will fall for you completely, then you need to send the above 8 texts randomly according to the situation.

Also, you need to keep in mind that you don’t need to react boldly to texts, otherwise, he thinks that he doesn’t need to put any hard effort into chasing you.

So, it’s better for you to add sweetness to your texts which can attract his attention towards you. If you give him positive compliments then he will surely chase you badly.


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