Texts to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back

Texts to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back [Messages]

A strong relationship doesn’t need to require money, apologies, etc. A true relationship never ends because both souls try hard for their relationship goals.

It is also true that a perfect couple understands each other and knows how to make his/her partner happy. In this matter, girls are sensitive, emotional, and expect to apologize.

Hence, the boy arranges something like candle dinner, gives them chocolates, brings teddybear or surprises, etc to make his girl happy. 

Similarly, if girls do mistakes, then they know how to handle the situation. Hence, they quickly make their man happy by providing their lovely things.

True love and strong relation need understanding between two people. But if you did any mistake in the past and lose your true love, then it is your fault.

You didn’t understand your true love and lost him in your attitude. So, you should change your behavior according to him and then try to get him back. 

If you did some mistakes in your pst and want him back in your life, then you should take wise steps. Do not try past mistakes that make you dumb in front of him.

You should learn how to get him back or how to handle some difficult situation in a relationship. If you have decided to text him to say come back, then you should learn which type of text will be good.

Today, we will write some Texts to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back and make again relationship goals. 

Learn Some Important Things Before Patch up 

If you have lost your partner or true love because of your mistakes, rude behavior, bad attitude, or something else, then you should learn something.

You should learn how to handle a situation in front of your partner. Also, you should learn how to apologize to a man and control your feelings.

Moreover, you need to study some relationship books or guides that teach you how to control your emotions in front of him.

All the points will give you a positive video and will polish your mind. You need to remove negativity from your brain, heart, thoughts, and then start your life with your loved one. 

25 Texts Messages to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back 

If you have decided to get him back in your life and you did hard work to polish your mind, then you have to move ahead. Now you can text him beautiful and strong words that show your love, innocence, apologize, etc.

But some people are getting confused by choosing the right words. We are going to write 25 Texts to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back in your life. These texts will melt his heart and he will easily understand your feelings towards him.

1: I know you love me and waiting for me, come back my love I am yours. 

2: I did some mistakes in the past, so I wanna say sorry. 

3: I am sorry dear, I am feeling bad for my mistakes. 

4: I remember how we met and we made memories of your favorite place but I did wrong and didn’t care about your feelings, I am sorry! 

5: Hey dear, wanna go for a long walk with you. 

6: I am scared because my happiness is lost with you, I am sorry please forgive my mistakes. 

7: You are my soul and I am nothing without you. 

8: I remember your first proposal and our candlelight dinner, you made me feel princess, please forgive your princess and come back into my life. 

9: we have made so many memories in the past and I want the same bond with you in the future. 

10: You are a loving personality but I lost you because of my wrong behavior, but now I understand my fault and really try hard to overcome my anger. Now I want you to come into my life and shower your love. 

11: You are my man and my everything, I am sorry darling please accept my apologies. 

12: We were happy with each other but the good time was not with us and we lost. But now I am ready to face every problem with calm and a smile. 

13: I want to live with you forever and don’t want to leave you.

14: I know you love me because we spend most of the time together and made beautiful memories. I want to do the same crazy things in my life with you. 

15: You don’t hate me because you love me I know and my dear I love you too. 

16: I know you are so emotional and I broke your heart with my bad attitude but now I understand everything. You are my true love and I want you to come back. 

17: My life is boring without you because you are my happiness. 

18: You and I looks beautiful together and now I want you again in my life to make some more pretty memories.

19: I know you don’t hate me because I am you pretty girl and you still love me. 

20: My darling, I am sorry for my bad words. Please come back because I don’t want to lose you. 

21: Your mother still sending me a couple of photos because she loves us and is happy to see us together. 

22: I am waiting for you because I want you and your love. 

23: You are nice and a real gentleman, so forgive me and come back. 

24: I know you are angry with me but I am sorry, so let’s have lunch. 

25: You love to spend some time watching your favorite series with snacks, now I am doing the same. 


If you are regretting because of your nad behavior with your love, then you should apologize and let him back in your life. So, there are a lot of Texts to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back, you can send anyone and wait for his reply.

I am sure he will accept your apology and will forgive you. But you should avoid all the past mistakes and don’t try them again in the future.

The bad habits just ruin relationships and break couple goals badly. So, get it back and enjoy your life with your favorite person. 

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