Text Messages To Send Your Ex Girlfriend To Get Her Back

Text Messages To Send Your Ex Girlfriend To Get Her Back

People love each other in many ways and they left their partner for many reasons but they can’t forget things about their relationships. If you want to get your ex-partner back again into your life then you need to observe certain things to call her back in your life such as making sure your partner is single or she still loves you then it will be easy for you.

Text messages are the straight way to contact your ex-partner and ask about her situation is a decent way, but make sure your messages are crystal clear meanings and you express your feelings in the text messages.

Because when you break up with your partner then there are a lot of things that are changed and you need to say things that are in the favor of your partner.

You need to play a vital role in this situation but it happens only when you send the right words to her. Don’t worry, you have a detailed list of text messages here which you can use effectively to call your ex back.

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10 Best and Effective text messages to get your ex-girlfriend again

1. “Hey my dear Anna, it’s your lover Smith!”

As you know this is an all-time basic and classic text message, which you send your lover to test whether she is willing to stay with you or not and see how she will react to this message.

2. “Hey Anna, this is Smith. I am worried about your health and we need to talk because it is important for both of us.”

This text message is giving clear and straightforward meanings to your ex-partner. As this message gives hint into her mind that what you want t to discuss and why you want to call her to discuss things, it leaves a hint that you still love her and want to get her back again into your life.

3. “Anna, I know you are good partner. Can we have talked in some quiet place, please?”

This unique text message will work surely without creating any serious situation. She will like to respond to you on time because you show her your interest to rebuild a relationship with her, again.

4. “Anna, whenever I woke up in the morning I cant forget about your love. I miss you, my Anna.”

This text message will leave a charming feeling to her. After sending this text message either she ask you to stop texting her or share her feelings with you that she want also to be with you. You will surely get a trigger response from her after sending this text message.

5. “Hey Anna, it’s been a while as you know already. How was your health and what are you doing tonight?”

Asking about health conditions is a charming way to start your conversation with your Ex-partner because it leaves a positive impact on your ex-lover that you are still worried about her.

Even when she planned to not talk to you again, then after this text message she will again think about you and want to send a simple response about her routine.

6. “I am very thankful to you because of not blocking me on your cell phone. You can see that I am worried about your health and I want to say that all day I am thinking about you, Anna.”

It is a good response for you if she texts you back with a positive reply. It works perfectly because you reveal your care and love to her and this is the heart-winning text for your ex-partner.

7. “With only single text from you give me pleasant feelings like I am physical with you. I am happy to get your text message back. I miss your all funny and joyful moments with me.

I always miss you in every moment of my life. Anyhow, I know you also miss me as I do. I always think about your health conditions like you cared for my health before.”

Girls like to be praised by their lovers in many ways. This text message is one of the strong and effective messages to start a conversation with your ex-girlfriend. Funny and caring moments which you spent with your ex-lover are unique and loving moments that you confess that you never forget.

This message will work because it shows your love feelings to her. It is the best message to start a long and healthy conversation with your ex-girlfriend.

8. “I was in your favorite northern spot where I express my love feelings for the first time in front of you. All of our old memories are still fresh and the same as before.

But I think this situation is hard because you are not physically with me. The memories of the northern areas come back to me and I don’t want to lose you, my Love.”

Bringing your old memories with your ex-girlfriend is powerful and it works well to create a healthy relationship again. If she replies to you then she knows well about inner intentions and your conversation may be extended from one minute to one hour or maybe more.

You don’t need to miss this opportunity because this text message is worth trying and it will only have a positive outcome, which is a good sign for both of you.

9. “I am fine too, my Anna. My working routine is as usual but I am missing you in my life. The main point of texting you is that I want you back in my life, you are only my queen.

There’s are no fooling and any dodge around here my text, I mean it.”

If you are serious then this text message is worth your time and you can save your relationship with your ex-girlfriend and this happens only because of this text. This text message shows your maturity and serious intentions which make your ex-girlfriend think again about you.

10. “I am sorry, I always hurt you with my words and I promise I never d these actions again because I miss you and I hope I will be with you again like before.

I assure you that I am not pranking you this time and I am serious about our relationship.”

If you reply to her back with her rude messages then it shows her your love and caring. It also shows that you are trying to save the relationship status and with this action, you can easily win your ex-girlfriend’s heart.

The intention of your text message shows that you are pure and serious feelings of love for your ex-girlfriend. It will attract your ex-girlfriend to become your girlfriend again.


All these ten text messages are worth trying for you because in numerous ways these messages can attract your ex-girlfriend towards you. Keep in mind, this time you need to be loyal and serious because every time your girlfriend doesn’t accept excuses.

But these text messages show your maturity and love about the relationship status. After sending these text messages, you need to be patient to get back the response from your ex-girlfriend.

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