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11 Signs He’s Into You But Hiding It [Body Language]

Most women have confusion that whether their guy is into you or he is just passing his time around you. This is the question that comes in every relationship and most women don’t know how to tackle this situation.

It is hard to understand whether your desired guy likes you or just like you back. So, for this purpose we give you detailed information which gives you a better understanding of Signs He’s Into You.

With this information, you can clear your mind that he is yours and want to stay with you forever or not. Do you want clear signs that he wants you into his life?

Keep in mind that if he only speaks the things in his verbal communication and does not do any actions, then you need to be more active. So, it’s clear that words are not just easy to express feelings.

Top 11 Best Signs That Shows He’s Is Into You

With these 15 signs, you will get a clear idea that whether he is interested in you or not. Also, these signs will help you to understand your partner’s personality better than anything.

1. He Remembers All The Things About You

If you just start a relationship with him and it’s been a short time, and he remembers all the small details about you from the previous conversation.With this action, he proves that he will pay more attention to your needs and give you proper care.

This action proves that he finds a deeper way to start a strong connection with you.

2. Touching You

According to research, men are more physical than women. So, on any occasion when it is not necessary if he touches you, then he is giving you a sign that he likes you.

Most shy men don’t touch directly with their hands, they just use their knees which is the signal that they have true feelings for you. So, you don’t need to do any hard thing to know his attention, but you just need to focus on his actions.

3. He Maintain Eye Contact With You

It is a unique and attractive sign from him to give you a hint that he likes you. This step is an indirect hint for you from the guy who likes you. If he continues to maintain eye contact with you, then he wants you in his life and is interested in you.

Also, keep in mind that if he only gazing around the room and don’t maintain eye contact with you, then it is a sign for you that he is not interested.

4. He Gives Compliments

Do you ever hear from him that your dresses are beautiful or you are looking great in a specific dress?

If you feel that he give you multiple compliments, then you are the happiest person because most men don’t give any compliment to their partners. However, if you think that his actions and words are not matched, then all he wants is just a fling.

5. He Will Calm Or Text Firsts

If a guy is completely into you, then he will not wait for your call or text. He will do proactively this thing by himself. If you are going on an outdoor activity, then he can’t wait to get your text or call and he will surely ask if you have come home safely.

Also, he can’t wait for your texts or call to share the detail of your day. These are the things that create a strong bond in relation and also it is a powerful sign that he is interested in you.

To get in touch with you he doesn’t wait for your turn because he enjoys talking with you and wants to know more details about you.

6. He Cant Turn His Eyes On You

During any conversation, if you feel that his eyes are on you then you need to understand that he likes you. If he hangs out and maintains eyes on you, then it shows he feels great around you.

7. He Plans First To Meetup With You

If he is a guy who will take every initiative to make some outdoor or indoor plans with you, then it is the best sign that he likes you or is interested in you.

He can say you to watch a movie together or also possibly invite you for the dinner. This is because he wants some fun with you which remains last in memory.

8. He Loves To Hear About Your Thoughts

If a guy wants to hear you and also enjoy this action, then it is a sign that he wants you in his life because he likes you. He is more interested to hear about the things which make you happier.

He would like to hear the words from you because he wants to spend his life with you.

9. He Loves To Tease You

If you find your guy teasing you in your daily life routine, then he might show you that he is interested in you. He would like to be playful around you because it makes him show you that he likes you and want you happy all the time.

But keep in mind if you feel uncomfortable with the way he teasing you, then you can talk with him. If you think that he doesn’t stop teasing you in the way you feel uncomfortable, then there is another story.

If he likes you or is interested in you, then he will surely respect your boundaries as well.

10. He Feels Jealous When You Staring Other Guys

Like women, almost every man feels jealousy when their female partner stares or talks with other guys. He will think that what’s going on, even if you talk to another guy randomly.

Keep in mind that if a guy is not interested in you wouldn’t bother when you are talking with some new guys. But if you receive a smile or he shows his eyes to you, then it is a sign that he is all yours.

11. Tell You Jokes

It is the best step to note whether he is interested in you or not. If he tells you a joke to see your reaction then you must need to be happy because he likes you. It is also a sign that he trying to impress you with his jokes and want to see your reaction to them.


With the above steps, you will get a clear sign that whether your desired guy is into you or not. Also, if you don’t know what you need to do when he likes you then with these steps, you can make him completely yours.

Lots of men want to send some hint which shows that he is interested in you and want to spend their life with you. So, you need to keep more active because at any time you can receive one of the above signs which shows that he is into you.

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