How To Make A Man Want You Bad

How To Make A Man Want You Bad [After A Breakup / Over Text]

Lots of women are searching for the best tips which give the idea that How To Make A Man Want You Bad. This is because man is so hard to read and almost every woman wants that their desired men will give more attention to her.

According to research, women claim that in one minute their men are obsessed with them and in the other second minute they are dodging and avoiding your calls. This is the most frustrating thing for almost every woman because they fear that her men seem not interested in her.

But the good thing is that there are some useful techniques and best tips through which you can attract the attention of your men easily. All you just need to do is strictly follow the easy tips and techniques which we give you in this article. So, let’s go into further detail!

Top 7 Best Tips To Make Him Want You Badly

Well, with these tips and methods you can easily get more attention and love from your desired men, and also you will not need to put any hard effort into these tips.

1. Be Yourself

It is a powerful method that you need to do in the right way. We all had an experience that some people say that you need to do different things in your relationship and with this thing you are trying to lose your inner confidence.

So, it’s best for you to focus on yourself and just listen to your heart and keep doing things with flexible postures. Keep in mind that you should not need to change yourself for another person if they don’t care about your feelings.

If you think that your desired man doesn’t like you like the way you are, then he is not the right person for your happy life. Also, if you feel that your desired man gives you care and respect, then you should need to handle the situation decently.

2. Enhance Your Confidence

This is one of the core and powerful things which you need to work on it. If you are a person who can be shy about everything and don’t share her feelings completely with her man, then you need to change this behavior.

You need to carry yourself as an amazing and strong woman alone. If you want to show him your best and great qualities, then you need to enhance your confidence and believe in yourself.

Banish your all insecurities, walk with your head high, and show yourself the appreciation which you deserve. When you work on these tips, then it enhances your all qualities such as being an intelligent, beautiful, kind, and powerful woman.

3. Be A Little Mysterious Always

If you are women who always carry some mystery with her, then you can easily get more affection and love from your men. When you put something mysterious behind then it will surely attract the attention of your men towards your love and respect.

Most of the guys show interest in those women who don’t show what they are doing next and it will leave them curious that what they are going to do in their free time.

4. Tell Your Men That You Like Him

When you share your inner thoughts with your man and say you like him, then he will love to hear this from you. Most men want to make some effort for their beautiful and kind women.

When you doing a great effort for yourself such as show interest in your needs and caring about your feelings then you should let him know that you are obsessed and like him.

Keep in mind that when men don’t listen to any positive thing from their women, then it is a high chance that they will leave you. So, it is the best and simple tip through which you will surely want you badly in his life.

5. Make Him Some Effort

Men have a natural habit to hunt the things which their women love most. When a man does not like to play some effort for you, then it simply means that your man is not completely attracted to you.

Also, when they texts you and you reply within a few seconds and say yes always, then he will surely get bored with a thing. So, you don’t need to show your flexible side always.

It also doesn’t mean that you need to act as a queen and don’t do anything for him, absolutely not. You need to show your men that you are not easy prey for him and you have to do some other work.

With this technique, your men will surely be obsessed with you and don’t want to leave you in any situation.

6. Make Him Feel Strong Men

If you want to know that what makes men drive crazy is how you make them feel great about themselves. Almost every man feels great in a relationship when they feel like a strong man and you are the only person who can make him strong enough.

This alone technique will be enough for you to get his complete attention towards you. But the question is how you can feel him manly and what are the things which you need to do in this method?

For this purpose, you can simply ask him for your help and also you can ask him to fix different things for you. That’s it. See, how simple is this, and keep in mind that in our life simple things which we ignore, will play important role in major aspects.

Moreover, when you return from shopping then you can ask him to carry the bags for you. When you ask for this type of help from him, then he feels strong and will also take care of your other needs.

7. Make Him Crazy In Bed

To implement this method, you don’t need to feel shy because it’s not a secret that a great sex life will contribute to a powerful relationship. When you make your man go crazy in bed, then he will surely love you more and take care of your needs more than he already did for you.

Keep in mind that this method is not as simple as it looks most women are unsure about it. To make him go crazy in bed, you need to know all the things which he wants during the sex and some of the things are listed as:

  • Call his name
  • Do new things with an open-minded and every time try different things
  • You need to fulfill his fantasy

What Are The Things Which Women Don’t Need To Do In a Relationship?

Multiple things can easily ruin your healthy relationship within a minute. So, it’s better for you to avoid these things which are as follows:

  • Don’t shy on everything
  • Don’t act aggressively
  • Don’t Compare your man to other guys
  • Don’t act as queen
  • You need to try to fulfill his all wishes which you think you can do


It is not impossible to get your desired results but to get your desired results you need to do some powerful things. Now you know How To Make A Man Want You Bad and all the above tips will be helpful for you with these techniques you don’t need to put any hard work into it.

Also, it is better for you to enhance your confidence because almost every man wants a confident and kind woman with them. Moreover, if you think you lack some qualities which can attract easily your man’s attention then you need to work on it. Remain calm and work on yourself, you will surely get your desired wish true soon.


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