boyfriend acting distant but says he loves me

Boyfriend Acting Distant But Says He Loves Me – Main Causes

You are here because you want depth details about that Boyfriend Acting Distant But Says He Loves Me. It is the most crucial and disturbing environment in the relationship which can either destroy your happiness or make a gap in your love bond.

There are multiple things that you need to know in a relationship and with these things you can spend your love life happily. You need to understand that something is changed in your relationship which makes him act differently with you.

If you are wondering why your desired guy now feels bothered by your actions then with various steps you can solve the problem.

Also, we give you detailed information through which you will get an idea that why he gets distant from you. So, let’s jump into further depth details!

What are the 9 potential causes which make him distant from you?

Multiple reasons are on the list which can cause your desired guy to act distantly with your daily activities. The detail of these reasons are as follows:

1. Fear

It is the core reason which makes them feel that he will lose his independence because he is now becoming needy. So, he probably cares about your feelings more but it can just dawn on him.

Also, he may fear seeing the level of expectations or commitment in the relationship with you.

2. Stressed Out

This stress can be various things such as the daily burden of work, some kind of family pressure, or deadlines for other work projects. If he is in the same stressed position, then he might want to focus on finding the solution to his problem.

Also, it is the main cause in which guys can get distant from their female partners but don’t want to lose their relationship status with them.

3. Cheat

He might be cheating on you and want to get some environment to debate with you and leave you. Keep in mind that being distant is not only a sign of infidelity. So, chill out and tackle the situation easily without any burden.

4. Avoidance

It is also caused to make your guy distant from you. Because in some cases men think that their female partner pushes them to face a situation that they don’t want. So, in this case, he might avoid you and get distant from your activities.

5. Might be worried about the relationship

This is the thing that may or may not be related to you. He might be not ready to continue the relationship with you because he has doubts about you, even though you love him and give much care to his needs.

6. You are needy

Keep in mind that almost everyone wants to feel desired, not needed. So, in most cases when a female partner is relying on or spending time with him to fulfill your all needs.

Then, in this case, he might want to pull away from you and it can get more difficult for you to save your relationship with him.

7. Craving most of the time alone

It is also the case that may not be related to your activity. It might be possible that he just does not manage the time to balance his overall life routine with his work life, friends, home life, and especially relationship.

8. He thinks your feelings are change

Due to high work pressure on you, he might think that your feelings are changing and you are not dealing with him like before. So, it’s better for you to convince him to open up to you in every condition.

Also, you need to realize hum always that you like him just as before. If you are a shy person and feel hesitant to talk with him, then you need to show that you like him, physically.

You can do multiple things such as a big cuddle, kiss on his hands, and kiss.

9. He might be an introverted personality

After all, men are also human and they can be exempted from being introverted. As you know introverted people don’t want to talk to other people and they don’t like socializing with their networks.

So, it depends on you how you convince him to share his feelings and thoughts with you, otherwise, it can ruin your relationship status. You can suggest to him to do things together which he feels comfortable and happy to do with you.

What are the important things you should do when your guy gets distant from you?

If you feel that your guy is pulling away from you, then there are various things that you can do to solve the problem. These are as listed:

Give him much love

You need to understand that your guy needs more love than you do before. It is the right time for you to save your relationship with your much love and care for him. You can give him his space but you don’t need to go away from him.

Give space which he needs right now

If he has fear to lose his independence, then it’s not a permanent thing and you also need to understand this position. So, you need to enhance his style and you can tell him that you both will do great things together.

Reassure him that you believe in him

This step plays an important role to improve your relationship bond. You just need to give him confidence by letting your guy know that he can easily handle this position.

Stay happy

You don’t need to try to play any games which let your guy talk with you. You just need to act like everything is good and normal in life, and also you don’t need to show any concern about his behavior.

Stay calm because you will live together

During the conversation, if your guy leaves the room then you need to stay calm and normal. You need to keep smiley and happy in this situation because it will surely improve your guy mood. Keep in mind that positive energy is just like a yawn.

Spend time together in a quiet place

You need to arrange a place where there is not any type of distraction between you and your guy. It will boost him to talk with you openly and share his thoughts with you clearly and everything will be settled happily.

You need to be normal and casual and also you don’t need to let your guy think that you are doing these practices is to only make him talk. It is the best time for you to reassure him that you are still here for him and love him more than before. This behavior will give him an understanding that his behavior is upsetting his partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do my men want to pull away from me?

Answer. If you think that your man is distant from you, then mainly it might be the cause of heavy stress and it can be various reasons. In this case, your initial responsibility is to understand his situation and support his moves.

However, if you are not able to understand that what is the reason behind his behavior, then you must need to talk with him. Moreover, you can easily figure out what are the issues which make him get distant from you and be there for him always.

2. By giving space to your guy works for me?

Answer. Giving space to your guy means you still be there for him physically. But you must need to relax and calm yourself in any situation. You don’t need to be hyper about his behavior, otherwise, it can ruin your relationship status.


Most men don’t want to share their feelings with their female partner and this action can cause a severe issue in relationship status. With the help of the listed steps, you can easily figure out why your man is distant from you and how you can make a strong bond in relation.

So, it is necessary for you to remain calm in every situation and tackle every situation with better understanding. Maybe your man is tired from the work burden and gets fresh after some time, so it is good for you to keep calm and continue your daily working routine happily.


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