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Michael Fiore’s Text Your EX Back Review – Does It Work?

We will guide you about Text Your EX Back Review by Michael Fiore’s – Does it Work example Texts Which will be very helpful to buy products.

When I first discovered Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Review System and determined to study it, I have to confess that, I did question if it was any kind, and if you could prepare your ex back just by texting and watching his course.

Read on to get out why after buying and completing the way I can say that I am very affected and it gives much more than I anticipated.

What is The Text Your Ex Back?

The Product

Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Review system is a complex, step-by-step, simple-to-use way of getting your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back or even your ex-wife or husband.

Mike teaches you each step of the process via video and pdf ebook, and shows not only some unusual psychological tricks to prepare your ex to react to you and understand you in a new system, but also supports you to figure out specifically what went wrong with your connection, how you can discuss it with your companion and get it so that when you do get back together you can visit together.

It’s not just a set of well-crafted texts to prepare your ex to talk to you (although that surely is a part of it).

Alternatively, it’s a full course that allows you to:

  1. Get your self-belief back on track (depressed and weak is not beautiful, and no good for your self-respect),
  2. Efficiently analyze why you broke up or divided and what went wrong
  3. Find or remember all the fabulous things about your past relationship, times, memories, events, etc (required for the texts)
  4. Change the power dynamic between you and your ex to make them responsive to hearing from you (necessary if you were dumped)
  5. Create astonishing texts that are set out for you to customize based on your character and relationship.
  6. Get back with your ex and build a new, more powerful, and sufficient relationship than you had before.

The Course Passed My Expectations:

I guess I was anticipating something a bit cheesy and easy, a group of ‘magic texts’ to send and take your ex back, but preferably as you can see what you notice is relationship coaching and a much more difficult (yet simple to use) and original text policy than I could have ever thought.

Whatever answer or mood your ex is in when you give that first text, Fiore has a set of particular texts for you that you customize in the process he tells you, with plenty of models.Text Your EX Back Review

So whether she or he is sad, annoyed, happy, or cold, you will be shown the list of texts to send and when, so that you can take them to a place where they are ready to talk to you and move on, to get back with you.

Do You Need The Text Your Ex Back Full Book?

Before I continue with this article there are 2 very important questions you must ask yourself:

1) Did your ex hurt you mentally or bodily?

2) Do you identify more bad elements than good about the relationship?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please think again about trying to make your ex back, he or she isn’t deserving it and it’s time for you to go on or receive counseling to support you deal with what occurred.

You can also read my report “Should I get back with my ex?” for some important info.

The article continues

Ok so if you are yet reading I’m hoping that you have thought about it and can see if you can win your ex back. Before I jump into specifically what is inside the course and how it goes, you may be asking the question can everyone make their ex back using this system? Can I win my ex back this way?

Whilst several of the remarks in the hearing from members and consumers of the Text Your Ex Back Review program appear to prove they have got their ex back or be in the method of it, (there is a simple-to-use forum where you can change stories, tips and receive feedback and advice), there will ever be some people for whom it won’t operate because their ex has gone on, or something related. What’s exciting is that the people that said this had occurred to them also got the finish and generally understood that they could now pass on too.

Money-back guarantee

Whilst there are no guarantees in respect, if there is even a possibility that your ex will get you back then this course will make certain you don’t spend it.

Furthermore, Michael does have a 60-day money-back guarantee on his program so you have plenty of time to try it out and see for yourself.

I emailed Fiore’s customer service team to say that I wanted a refund (just to see if they would do it, I didn’t actually accept the refund) and they agreed straight away with no questions asked, so you really don’t have anything to lose.

Summary of the course

Fiore’s course is an outstanding get your ex back policy, performed easily and sincerely, and with a high achievement rate. Michael combines his relationship coaching skills, (featured on Rachael Ray’s tv show) personal experience, in-depth knowledge, and tons of feedback from real people to create an excellent way to maximize your possibilities of getting your ex back and getting your relationship more powerful than ever, and so if you are keen to take work and do your best to win back your girlfriend or boyfriend, I highly suggest this course.

If you’d rather know exactly what to expect and what’s inside before you buy, read on for my detailed review below:

What is Inside

What’s Actually Inside The Program?

There are 11 Modules in text, audio, and also videos by Michael introducing and explaining each step which I found reassuring and motivating to listen to.

You can choose to read the modules or listen to them via an audio file which is great because you can even listen or read the course from your phone, tablet, kindle, or iPod, or at work (I won’t tell your boss!) and as the pdfs, videos and audiophiles are all downloadable you can even watch them when you are offline.

Module List

  • Module 1– Introduction
  • Module 2 – The Dumper and the Dumped – Finding out why you broke up

This is essential to figuring out how to get your ex back. What you discover here will later form the part of the texts that you will use to get into your ex’s mind and get them back. This part of the course is excellent because often your girl or boy doesn’t tell you the real reason that they broke up with you, so Michael works through every scenario to help you figure it out and what you will need to say to get them back.

If you were the one that did the dumping and now regret it this module is also invaluable for you because there is a specific worksheet for people in this position.

He provides you with all the different ideas exes say for breaking up and what they expect e.g the old chestnut “It’s not you it’s me”

It also deals with situations like if one of you cheated on the other, and why that’s happened. I like the way that Michael differentiates here between the mentality of men and women.

  • Module 3– The Big Goal – What do you want, and how are you going to get it?

This module helps you to be honest with yourself about exactly why you want your ex back. You might be thinking that there would only be one reason because you love that person so much and want to be together, but Mike helps you get more honest and specific than that, perhaps you cherish being looked after, or want your children to grow up with both parents getting on well.

Knowing your true reason for wanting your partner back is crucial to getting your ex back successfully and this module makes it surprisingly easy

Next, he helps you to visualize what you would want your relationship to be like in a perfect world. And gives you plenty of examples to inspire you. This allows you to start to understand what you will need to change to make your new relationship with your ex stronger and better.

It also encourages you to think about what your ultimate aim for the relationship is, be that kids, traveling together, getting married, growing old together, and so on.

  • Module 4– Flight Check – Are you ready for this?

This module makes sure that you are mentally ready to start texting your ex, and that you will not crack and send the wrong kind of message (don’t worry Michael explains exactly what you should and shouldn’t say, and what to do if you do crack!), but instead learn to harness psychological and practical techniques that will start to make you feel good about yourself and make your ex want you back.

I was impressed by the practical and wise advice given here, and the useful mental exercises to go through, this is so invaluable for anyone who has been through a breakup, and just doing these will start to make you feel better and raise your self-esteem.

This module carries on his own experiences and experience as a relationship teacher as well as the feedback from the various consumers who’ve used his Text Your Ex Back Review program. (This is version Text Your Ex Back Review 2.0 so he has been able to incorporate even more new info based on real-life experiences.)

  • Module 5– Text Judo– “Maximum efficiency, minimum resolution. Mutual happiness and advantage”

This module is intriguing because you get to understand how Mike’s text weave their way together and set the subtle yet powerful framework for getting your ex back

He breaks down the different steps you will go through with texting, starting from simple text contact, progressing to intimacy booster texts, creating emotional honesty, then reigniting the flame of passion and ultimately the big purpose – connecting in actual life and getting back together, or ‘seal the deal’ texts as Fiore describes them.

Here Michael takes you to start creating and writing down specific moments, adventures, connections, and positive information about your relationship (all set-out step by step and with tons of models and numerous questions to support you so it’s clear) This will create some of the content of the many texts that you will be notified to send.

  • Module 6 – Across the Bow– Making cool contact

Here’s where things start to get really exciting as you make your plan of attack and get the actual info on what to Text Your Ex Back Review, when, and how. It outlines what kind of contact you are likely to be having with your ex over the next month or so.

Here you are given formulas for creating casual (but clever!) texts as a way to make contact without seeming desperate or needy but at the same time subtly reminding them of positive associations in your relationship.

What I like about this model is the step-by-step creation of it all, making it so easy to follow something very smart and important. You are provided examples and descriptions of what to message them, and also precisely how to return in the very best approach, based on how they react.

What’s great about the system is it understands that people are different and that you will have to choose different types of texts depending on the responses that you get, and how you would usually talk to your ex and it tells you specifically how to do this. It, therefore, ensures you don’t sound like some kind of weird robot following a prescribed set of texts!

  • Module 7 – Prepping the Soil– Emotionally pull your ex back

Here you learn how to subtly start using emotional language (in the right way!) and memories to crank up the emotional connection and intensity.

There are some really great (non-cruel!) tricks in here to help you evoke strong positive associations in the mind of your ex-partner, which set the scene for the next stage of texting, as found in module 8. As before you also have mentioned step-by-step guidance on what to say and how to react to what they say to you in the very most useful way.

  • Module 8 – The Green-Eyed Monster– Get sexual performance going again!

Sexual attraction is key for a good relationship, and this module is all about reigniting that spark.

Jealousy can be a controversial topic as used or experienced in the wrong way jealousy can be a very destructive force, but if used in the right way, it can be a powerful tool to get your ex-partner longing for you again.

Even in a healthy relationship we usually get our spark of desire relit when we realize that others want our partner, this healthy jealousy helps us to forget familiarity and remember what first attracted us to each other.

Michael tells you how to check this super-efficient power perfectly to prepare your ex back and yet again you are provided powerful and documented examples, and you can get feedback from the many people using the course in the comments section below the video.

  • Module 9 – Planting the Seeds– For troubled times

This short module is for deepening emotional connections and allowing you to show your ex that you are there for them no matter what, particularly helpful if they are going through something difficult at the moment.

  • Module 10 – Reaping the Harvest– Get your ex back!

By this point if you’ve been following the system properly then you will be a lot closer to getting your ex back and here is where things start to get powerful and honest.

There is there a different section here:

Emotional fairness – usually the lack of this or good ideas is why pairs break up.

Attraction texts – you take what you started in previous modules and start to learn how to send amazingly powerful texts that will not only rekindle old attraction but fuel new feelings as well.

These will be a tiny bit more precise than before and you will be taught specifically how to produce great images and situations in the spirit of your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Virtual to physical – If you’ve done everything as you should and your ex is receptive then now is the time to go on real dates and have physical contact, and Mike leads you all the way over to this excellent step.

  • Module 11 – Texting Steady– How to keep your girlfriend or boyfriend

By now you’ve rekindled intimacy but you still need to keep things going to build a strong foundation and get your ex back for good. This last module describes what’s next and how to manage the communication just right and the texts running perfectly.

He also makes sure that you have learned the lessons you need to know in order to make your new relationship strong and healthy, and both of you happy and thriving. Here you also go to see many more observations from users including celebrity stories and help for those still in the method. I got reading these tales to be very important and hopeful.

Anything else to remember?

There is some homework to do (argh!) but it’s actually quite fun and very revealing, you will learn so much about yourself and your ex, and specifically, the things to say to get them back.

30-day no contact rule – This is not to be cruel, instead, it’s for you so that you get to a calm place, not emotionally volatile, and therefore for you to get your ex back quickly and effectively. It also switches the power dynamic, which is necessary if you’ve been dumped. It also helps you to read through the system properly and not mess anything up by being impulsive.

The only exemption is if you do have to talk because you have children, work together, are a lover, or are even still giving a flat or house, or something related. In this example, you have the information friendly but easy and leave out the excitement as much as feasible for the 30 days.

I find this rule interesting as it’s something I also came up with many years ago in my own life to make sure I was seeing clearly after a breakup.

Specific do’s and don’ts

If you follow the instructions there is no room for error because you are told things like:

  • How often to text
  • Special tricks like it’s not who starts the conversation that counts but who ends it
  • How to make your relationship stronger so you don’t break up again.

Support of others

There’s a comments forum on every page for you to share your situation with other text ex-back users and customers, get support, and know that you aren’t the only one going through this.

Michael helps everyone to post and give their story which is really quick as you can begin to know a bit better right away. You can also ask specific questions and get feedback.

I saw many people who’re ex had just texted them and wanted some advice and other scenarios. This group support is a powerful thing.

Is The Text Your Ex Back LGBT friendly?

Whilst the relationship models presented seem to mention inflexible couples, all the methods will still work absolutely for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender relationships.

Will I Get My Ex Back If I Use It?

As I mentioned before there are no guarantees in life and love (but there is a money-back guarantee for this course). However, if there is a gamble and you understand the system correctly, then your possibilities of success are moderately high. But as Mike states this is not a magic bullet so read the latter first:

Who should NOT use this course?

  • Not for you if you’re exclaimed you never to reach him/her again
  • Those who have been abused by the ex in question, or were the abuser.
  • Lazy people who won’t do the homework

What you will need to get back your ex-girl or boy

  • Some willpower (no breaking the rules set by Mike Fiore!)
  • A bit of patience (the whole program can take approx. 2 months to get your ex back)
  • A bit of persistence and self-belief (e.g. you won’t just give up at the first hurdle, prepared to put in the effort)
  • An honest desire to understand what went wrong in your relationship and willingness to fix it.

Final Words

Final Words:

Does it work? If you’re willing to try the steps laid out for you then there is a good chance that you can get your ex back. Loving yourself is important in loving others (might sound trite but it’s true) and it’s great to see that this course helps you with that as well.

I want I had had this system when my heart got developed many years ago by a boyfriend I held deeply as I think it would have encouraged me to get him back, instead of the long torturous months I spent trying to be ‘friends’ and secretly (and unsuccessfully) trying to win him back.

Ultimately if you want your ex back and are prepared to put in the effort, this course gives you the best chance possible, showing you not only how to get him or her back but also to create a wonderful new relationship together that is stronger, happier, and better than before.

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