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Marriage Counseling Questions And Answers For Relationship

Here, Marriage Counseling Questions And Answers For Couples Before Marriage for newlyweds. Which will be very helpful to buy this product.

Marriage is a beautiful law of the universe and everyone wants to live with his loved one. It is a legal, social, and formal contract between two persons.

Man and women complete each other through this contract and attach with each other economically and emotionally. It is the key to begin a family and marriage is a long-term commitment that allows the two genders to live their whole life together. 

But marriage is not a bed of calmness, roses, and happiness. There are so many difficulties that come arrives between two people and their lives become complicated.

Arguments, conflicts, and disagreements may occur in every relationship. Sometimes these conflicts and arguments may ruin that relationship. But there is a solution to all marital or relationship problems. 

Marriage counseling helps to understand all the situations. A professional counselor asks some questions from both husband and wife.

A complicated relation needs Marriage Counseling Questions therapy and the counselor asks some Marriage Counseling Questions. If you are interested to know what are these special questions, then read this whole article until the end. Hence, it is necessary to be aware of all the situations. 

18 Important Marriage Counseling Questions PDF For Engaged Couples

Marriage counseling therapy is the most important part of a happy marriage. Moreover, it is the right way to solve all issues and live a happy life with your partner.

This therapy is helpful for newly married couples to know the situations in a better way. Also for old married couples who are facing conflicts etc. 

A lot of questions may ask by the counselor and a pair have to answer all of them. Whereas you also may ask a question from your spouse and give answers to his questions. It helps to remove all the misunderstandings among both souls. These all questions are as follows: 

1: What are the issues that irritate both of us? 

This is the first question that may help to understand your spouse’s issues and you may discuss that issue in detail. After all the discussions, you both can find the solutions to all issues. It helps to understand what your spouse wants from you and he will know what you actually want from him.

2: When do problems start? 

You should ask your partner the first issue which makes your relationship weak. It will enables you to understand the first problem and you will easily solve that problem. If you find your mistake behind all the problems, then you should promise to your spouse to never repeat it. 

3: Which habits you don’t like in your spouse? 

You should ask your spouse about your bad habits which he doesn’t like. It is necessary because you have to understand and need to overcome all the bad habits. Similarly, he can ask the same question from you and you have to give honest answers. He should control all the bad habits and try to make you happy. 

4: Are you interested in having children? 

This question is very important and you both have to discuss it briefly. Because both have to decide before the child and then move to the main step. Because without any discussion and joint decision, the permanency will destroy your relationship and it makes your relationship weak. You should have to come to the same page and then take any joint decision. 

5: How to handle your family and Relation? 

This counseling question is necessary and you both have to prepare for the family. Some couples like to live with a joint family whereas some couples like to live alone. So, this question may help to understand the thoughts and helps to handle family issues.

6: Do I fulfill your physical needs? 

You should ask your partner to fulfill his physical needs like sex. Sex makes a relationship strong and it becomes the path to connect two souls. You have to ask your spouse about sex and the conversation about sex will helps you to understand your partner’s feelings. If he likes to do sex with you, then you should prepare yourself for him and try to make him happy. 

7: What will be our financial contribution? 

This conversation about a financial contribution is the most important and you should ask this. It solves all the confusion and helps to keep you strong. The financial support and contribution will make your relation more strong.

8: How to appreciate your partner about your relationship? 

If you feel that your partner loves you the most and always tries to makes you happy, then you should appreciate him. So, understand his feelings, makes him happy, and do something surprising to attract him. 

9: Do you trust your partner? 

Trust, loyalty, and love is an important key to build a healthy relationship and it makes you happy. Because it will never give any space to negativity and nothing will ruin your relationship. Thus, you should trust your partner and ask him to trust you. 

10: Do you want surprises? 

You can ask your partner whether he or she wants surprises from you, then you have to plan it. Always surprise him or her and makes your partner happy. You should realize that he is a special person in your life and you want to live with him always. 

11: Are you seeing Someone else? 

You can also ask your partner that he or she is seeing someone else. This conversation will help you to understand your partner’s feelings and you will know about what he or she wants. No need to cheat your partner because this is the wrong way and not good for both of you. 

12: Do we discuss everything? 

The couple has to ask this question because some discussions make their relationship more strong. The discussion about anything like personal, financial, family, etc will close you with your partner. Ask him if they discuss everything, then the things will be amazing.

13: Do you stress out your partner? 

This Marriage Counseling Question is important because if you stress out your partner all the time, he or she will never become happy. This is so wrong to put your partner in depression.

If he or she says yes they are stress out with each other, then ask for the solution. Their thoughts will help to understand the issues and a couple can improve their behavior to overcome all the stress. The irritating things will be removed and they can live happily. 

14: Are we willing to compromise? 

You should look at all the situations and understand them quietly. If you want to compromise with your partner, then ask him also and start the conversation to reduce misunderstanding.

If your partner is also willing to compromise with many things then everything is good and you can live with each other in a long-term relationship. 

15: What will help to make your relationship better? 

This discussion and conversation will solve many problems between you and your partner. So, you should ask your partner to give you some suggestions to change yourself.

You should realize to him that you want to take the step to solve all the matters. You need to learn some guidelines to make your relationship better. It will be great if you try to make a your relationship strong and better with your spouse. 

16: Do you have feelings for your spouse? 

Firstly, you should ask this question to yourself and feel the honest answer. If you found amazing feelings for your partner then ask him what he feels for you. If your partner also has feelings for you, then make a conversation and try hard to solve problems. 

17: Do you enjoy your partner’s company? 

If you enjoy your partner’s company and want to live more with him, then try to make him happy and also ask him whether he also enjoys your company. If his answer is yes, then stay together and understand each other. 

18: How will you resolve future problems, conflicts, and misunderstandings? 

Try to be honest and ask your partner about future conflicts. Your communication, struggle, discussion, and strong opinions will help to solve all future conflicts. 


The Marriage Counseling Questions are a way to solve relationship problems. These sessions or therapy help you to communicate with your partner and ask him what he wants and what will make their relationship strong.

All the important questions are written above section and you can try to apply them to your relationship. Otherwise, you can hire a professional counselor who will become a way to communicate with your partner.

He will help you both to discuss and everything. The best thing is that you and your partner should start a conversation with accurate questions and find the best solution to overcome all the problems in your life. 

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