Delaying Divorce To Save Marriages

Delaying Divorce To Save Marriages – Does It Restore Relationship

Love in the relationship plays an important and powerful role, which makes our relation more strong. If you feel rocky in your marriage, then there are multiple things that couples are resistant to change.

If you are here to get depth details about whether Delaying Divorce To Save Marriages works or not, then you are welcome here.

Divorce in marriages plays crucial and heartbroken feelings and most couples want to save their marriage even when their spouse files the divorce papers.

Almost 50% of marriages in the USA will not last for more than 2 years, and there are multiple reasons behind the divorce ratio in marriages.

However, it is almost impossible to leave your relationship with your spouse without regrets and emotions. Do you want to save your marriage without getting hurt yourself? Let’s jump into further details!

3 reasons why your spouse tries to save marriage by delaying divorce

These are the 3 common reasons why every spouse tries to save their marriages by using delaying tactics in divorce, which are as follows:

Acting out of bitterness

Not all of them, but some of the spouses get angry when they hear about the divorce news and they want to see their partner suffer through years or months of the delaying tactics in divorce.

Usually, these wives and husbands think that the situation is not in their control and by delaying the divorce process is the best way to get control of relation.

Maybe he/she doesn’t want a divorce

It simply means that they don’t want to end up their marriage and they are seeking the possibility to save their marriage if they had a little more time.

Keep in mind that it is the least manipulative reason that spouses can try to delay their divorce process. Some couples feel difficulty letting go of their partner or they truly believe that by taking more time they can patch up the marriage.

Maybe your spouse wants to play some financial games

Yes, it is the nefarious reason that most spouses use to delay a divorce process. Your wife or husband will pay for the attorney fees and it will leave you without any living expenses.

Also, they can use delayed support payments or can hide their own assets. These types of spouses try everything to keep you from receiving your decent settlement.

4 ways through which your spouse may prolong the divorce process

The following ways your spouse can prolong the divorce process are as follows:

1. False Accusation

Your spouse may be accused of child neglect or abuse from you and then he or she can easily file a protection order. Keep in mind that this step will complicate both child custody and divorce.

2. Abusing the discovery process

You both may ask for this evidence during the process of divorce. Keep in mind that some spouses can drag out your divorce process by filling in excessive amount requests.

So, if this happens then you may be asked to provide excessive amounts of information which bring the divorce process to a crawl.

3. Not stand with words

Usually, divorce involves verbal agreements between both parties. Suppose, both maybe agree that which accounts should be only used for home expenses or who can only stay in the home.

So, if your spouse goes against their verbal agreements then it will surely arise new issues.

4. Continuance

Your spouse may ask for a continuance and he or she can tell the judge that she or he won’t have time to prepare for a hearing and for this purpose they can request a new date for the hearing.

5 steps that can save your marriage from divorce

If you are feel that your marriage is not going as you wish, then with the 5 tips you can save your failing marriage.

1. Communication

When your marriage divorce is imminent, then stopping the divorce requires some effort from you. Partners should need to discuss the things which are the cause of failure in their relationship.

To identify the issues in marriage, partners need to share their thoughts that what they don’t like or what they like in their spouse or partner. Keep in mind that with the kind and right attitude, you can solve all the issues which can save your marriage from divorce.

2. Relax is the important key

If your partner feels anger with you, then you should not do anything out of fear or anger like go out to your friends and tell them your problems or just go to an attorney.

You need to slow down your inner anger and think twice before taking any step in this situation. Being patient will plays an important role to save your marriage from divorce.

3. Solve one problem at a single time

When you identified the problems in marriage then both spouses should need to work on these things which cause your marriage to fail. So, while working together you can come up with a solution very effectively.

Cooperation is the core key to stopping an imminent marriage or divorce. You need to be proactive in the efforts which can save your marriage, otherwise, it will be too late for you to save your marriage.

4. Forgiveness

When you allow forgiveness in your attitude then it will surely be the best way which can save your marriage from divorce. Keep in mind that forgiveness is the vehicle for change and the key to love.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, you just need to start the process and ask for help when you think it’s necessary. When you work on it, then you will feel positive energy inside you, and also it may help your spouse to change which makes your marriage relation too strong.

5. Focus on positive things about your spouse

Maybe your spouse did something which jeopardize the marriage that caused things to become rocky in marriage. Keep in mind that you don’t even need to point fingers at your spouse because it will make people defensive.


Consult the marriage counselor is the best way to delay divorce to save your marriage. They will professionally communicate with you about the main problems which arise in every relationship and they will guide you that what your spouse wants from you in marriage.

But when you feel that your husband or wife isn’t much receptive to marriage counseling, then its means that no one can help you to save your marriage from divorce.


There are multiple causes of marriage divorce which include addiction, abuse, infidelity, and abandonment. Also, various approaches work on your marriage and can stop a divorce instantly and these approaches could be separation, retreats, therapy, marriage counseling, etc.

To stop the divorce if you want to save your marriage, then you both couples need to be honest with each other and seek divorce advice. With the above-listed delaying divorce to save your marriage information, it can help you to resolve your marriage conflicts constructively.

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