Living Separate During Marriage Counseling

Living Separate During Marriage Counseling – Does It Work?

Some couples face issues in their relationship and there are multiple reasons for living separately in a relationship. Are you here to know detailed information about Living Separate During Marriage Counseling?

Keep in mind that living separately in a relationship can make save your relationship. Couples can get separated while their living environment in a relationship becomes resentful, toxic with high stress, feel pressurize, have arguments, and don’t think anything.

While separation gives time for both people to get space and make positive decisions for a thoughtful and calm place. Most people think that the separation feeling can be challenging for them, but it provides you space where you can feel calm and think about your future easily.

We give you details about a few tips which make your separation journey more favorable and productive in many ways. So, let’s get into the depth details!

What is the purpose of marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is also known as couples therapy, it is a kind of counseling that only focuses specifically on love relationships and marriages.

All the marriage counselors are specially trained and usually, they have Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, they can help married couples to diagnose their relationship problems and ultimately work on multiple solutions.

Keep in mind that if you and your partner had problems and you fight over again and again in marriage, then marriage counseling is a safe place for you that can easily find out a solution for you. However, communication is the important key to every successful relationship and it also plays a powerful role to solve marriage problems.

So, marriage counseling is the best way for those couples who are facing various problems in their marriage. With the help of marriage counseling, your communication skills in marriage will be enhanced and you both will come to a mutual understanding and then you can easily figure out how to move forward as a strong couple.

Who can take help from marriage counseling?

There are no boundaries that only specific persons or couples can take help from marriage counseling, but specifically, those couples who are facing serious problems in their relationship can take help from marriage counseling.

There are various issues that prompt couples to seek counseling, including:

  • Couples who are not willing about parenting, lifestyle, and financial choices.
  • Couples who are fighting over and over again and don’t find any reliable solution to their problems.
  • Couples who feel that some of the household responsibilities are unequal and don’t communicate properly about the solutions.
  • Couples who are dealing with mental health issues, infidelity, and other substance abuse.
  • Couples who understand that their marriage is only on auto-pilot.
  • Couples who feel that they are emotionally unavailable.

Why couples should go for a trial separation?

If couples face problems in their marriage or relationship, then living separation will help in a lot of things such as personal challenges in the relationship. Most people think that living separation is one step away from their partner’s heart and also it is a stepping stone to divorce.

However, living separation during marriage counseling can be a benefit for a few couples as they distance apart from the unhealthy pattern which they engaged in while living together.

Are marriage counselors recommend only divorce?

It only depends on the situation of your relationship, but mostly they don’t recommend divorce because they try to keep your personal opinions to be improved. Every marriage counselors believe that only the partners can take decisions about their relationship.

However, in an abusive relationship or abusive marriage, they only tend to separate the couples, and still, they won’t recommend a divorce.

4 best tips for separated couples

1. Think Ahead

When you are on a trial separation period, then your relationship needs to think ahead and it’s time for both of you to set your boundaries. For this purpose, you both need to openly communicate with each other.

If you had children in your marriage, then you should need to discuss the shared responsibilities during the period of separation. So, it is important to consider what your lives will look like if you want to be separated.

2. Remember your love for your partner

You need to remember all the love attributes of your partner which caused you to fall in his love. For this purpose, you need to make a list of those positive qualities which your partner had and it will surely help you to remember his love for you.

This shift will positively change your behavior, which can easily reverberate again to your partner. So, after time your behavior with your partner will change and it will cause them to shift as well. With this step, you will be surprised by the positive results.

3. Collaborate on a specific project

For a stronger relationship, teamwork plays an important role. Learning about each other strengths and enhancing the confidence of your partner will not only improve your understanding but also it will keep your relationship stronger than before.

You can clean your garage together or also can mow your garden and this type of project you could enjoy together. So, take time to communicate on a single project with only a single goal and you both will appreciate each other efforts.

4. Establish better communication strategies

When you both understand each other needs and openly communicate about your common goals, then it is the best chance to save your relationship in the long run. Also, it has a strong potential to thrive. You can take this help from your marriage counselor about effective communication strategies.

With the help of communication strategies, it will empower you to share your vulnerabilities and provide a safe environment for both of you. Keep in mind that there is so much hope for a better relationship if you both partners develop a better understanding of each other.

Does marriage counseling really work?

You will not get any negative outcomes when you take help from marriage counseling, but the positive results of marriage counseling are promising. According to research, if you take help from marriage counseling or a family therapist, then either the results are good or excellent.

Overall the couples feel that their health improves and their understanding levels with each other are also enhanced. Moreover, after getting help from marriage counseling 3 out 4 couples feel multiple improvements in their love relationships.


If you and your partner are facing problems in a relationship, then you must need work on multiple things such as enhancing your communication strategy and understanding levels.

With the above 4 tips, you can generate a better sense of understanding of your partner’s positive traits. You don’t need to remember only negative things about your partner because it will only ruin your positive thoughts. Marriage counseling is a way for you which can save your relationship efficiently and softly.

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