Domestic Discipline Saved My Marriage

Domestic Discipline Saved My Marriage – My Experience

Domestic discipline helps to save the relationship between husband and wife. In simple words, a domestic discipline is a relational approach that helps to deal husband’s aggression. It can help to save your marriage and teach you to live happily with your spouse.

To learn more about domestic discipline, how it affects your marriage life, and why it is necessary. We have decided to discuss “Domestic Discipline Saved My Marriage” in detail. So, let’s get started.

Why Domestic Discipline is Necessary?

Respect, love, compromise, commitment, and discussion are wonderful points to save a relationship or marriage. The proper balance of these points in every relationship helps to live a happy life and no one becomes a victim in their story.

Moreover, compromise is the first and most important key to successful marriage life. Domestic discipline is way better than separation because you can save your marriage with a little compromise.

As a wife, you have some responsibilities for your husband and you can’t ignore them. Similarly, the husband has responsibilities to make his wife happy, fulfill his desires, and needs, and give sexual pleasure. No law says that you can beat your wife, or your wife can strife at home without no reason.

Most women happily promote spanking because they have experienced and shared their marriage stories. They are saying that spanking and domestic discipline has changed their life.

They applied domestic discipline when they were near to separation. Now they are happy and suggest other women go with domestic discipline.

All the situations can be handled by both souls and both (husband and wife) can handle every situation/problem jointly. No one can harm his partner and also no need to create issues on small things.

All the problems occur in every house and average couples can deal with them easily. However, some move to separation which is not a good idea, and aggression, bad attitude, etc can break a relationship even marriage.

How Does Domestic Discipline Save Marriage?

Domestic discipline is suggested by most people in which a husband can spank his wife and ask her to do everything. Whereas, in many studies, domestic discipline and spanking are not allowed because the husband has no right to beat/spank his wife. Moreover, domestic discipline represents spousal abuse that can destroy self-esteem badly.

Domestic discipline also known as Christian domestic discipline allows every husband to spank his wife for her misbehavior or mistakes. For example, your husband can force you to stand in a corner and don’t argue.

Moreover, your husband can ask permission to go with his friends and enjoy parties, etc. This is also included in a domestic discipline that balances the relationship for both souls. Whereas husbands have control over the home, their wives, decision-making, etc.

According to domestic discipline, husbands have a clear option to do everything and they have complete power and they are not slaves to their wives. Whereas some research shows that there is no justice in domestic discipline and women should raise their voices against it.

As we know that spanking is painful, physical violence is hurtful, and abuse is not good for anyone. But domestic discipline has a rule that you can do anything to control your wife, can punish her, and spank her.

My Personal Experience With Domestic Discipline

My name is Lisa and I want to share my personal experience with all women who want to save their marriages. I was so upset with my marriage life and my husband has spanked me more than a hundred times.

He has abused me, corner me, and disrespects me all the time. After some time of our relationship/marriage, I was fed up with everything and ready for separation.

One day my friend ask me to search for domestic discipline and read many books to learn everything. I just followed her and learn everything about domestic discipline, its rules, suggestions, reviews, etc. Also, I learned some main points from “Bible” where God says that submit to your husband and respect him.

Then I realized that my husband is right in decision making and I do many mistakes. He spanks me on my mistakes and I should agree because he is the head of the house.

At first, I feel ashamed, got hurt and he make me cry. But now I understand the rules of domestic discipline which allow husbands to do everything with their wives even spank them. Now I can say that domestic discipline saved my marriage and I am so happy.

Benefits Of Domestic Discipline

From domestic discipline, I learned to respect my husband and obey him in every situation. But sometimes I disrespect him and he spanks me for this. But now I am aware of all the things and understand everything well.

I am always ready for any punishment from my husband and it saved my marriage. Everything is being solved without argument and my husband is doing well. Domestic Discipline has made me strong and helped to understand many points.

What Are the Important Rules of Domestic Discipline?

There are some rules of domestic discipline which help every woman to learn to live happily with her husband. These are as follows:

  • I will respect my partner/husband.
  • I will follow my husband to do everything in my life and will never complain.
  • I will agree with him and will never disappoint him.
  • I will support the Head Of Household (Husband) in his work.
  • I will do all cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and laundry without saying a single word.
  • I will put my efforts to make my husband happy.
  • I will always schedule my activities according to him.
  • I will prefer my household needs rather than my personal activities.
  • I will not do anything which could feel my husband ashamed in front of his friends or family.
  • I will dress according to my husband’s likes and dislikes.
  • I will behave gently with my husband HOH and will never ignore him.


Domestic discipline saved the marriage of millions of couples and now they are happy with it. The rules of domestic discipline explain everything and help you to live happily with your husband.

Where you can learn to accept the reality of marriage, deal with all situations, and most importantly understands the importance of your husband/HOH.

Moreover, domestic discipline helps to compromise in your life and give priority to your husband in every matter. You can never try to have an argument with him or complain about anything. He can punish you and you have to apologize for your mistakes.

The compromise is the best solution to save your marriage and live a happy life with your husband. No matter what he does, no need to ask him for anything and even you can’t refuse his orders. You have to do your work properly and never ignore your responsibilities.

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