How To Make Men Desire You Back Again – Over Text After a Breakup

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In this era, women and men both need attention and love from each other which makes them comfortable internally or externally. But in some cases, women need more love and respect from their partners which makes them stronger to fight with confidence.

So, thousands of women or more want to know that how to make men desire you badly. Here, you will find depth detail that makes your men think about you every time every day. Focus on yourself is the main key if you want to attract your men towards you, in this way you can easily spark his thinking to stay happy with you.

In bed, you can give your best while boosting your sexual desires with him which is the major way to be desired by your men. For this, you don’t need any sexual consultancy from an experienced person.

Using your love spells you will know that he needs you desperately. Men want to badly chase women for the sake of love. When the men try to chase you, it means he is not pulling away from you at any cost.

Top 6 best ways to be desired women by your men Back After a Breakup

1. Soft and sweet communication

During the relationship, if you listen to your name from your loved ones one then it will give you smiling on your face as well as it gives you internal satisfaction. Because you know there is someone for you in this world who wants you to be with you in any situation.

So, in return, you will get result according to your wish. Your name is the most important word and when you listen to it from your women it makes a lot of men happy. Just take a seat and think that if your partner is calling your name with a soft and attractive voice:

  • You are immediately on alert,
  • Your all intention will be a focus on that person which calling your name.

During any conversation or randomly, you can call your partner’s name with a soft sound and take a look at how he responds to you.

2. You need to put some extra effort on your appearance

This step is important because every conversation starts with your appearance, not with your words. So you need to put some great effort to enhance your look because every man is directly attracted to your look. Best visually attraction is the key for you if you want your men to desire you. If you are enhancing your appearance, then it will show:

  • He will think that you respect yourself.
  • You give importance to the presentation.
  • You have your own unique and stylish look, which others don’t have.

Enhancing your visual looks will give thought to your men that you are valuable and worthy women for him. Then, he will surely stay around you and this happens only because it makes him feel comfortable and good.

3. You need to give him some emotional spark

If you give more attention to your men then in return you will get your love and respect from your men. Because every man wants that his women-only talks about him, which give them internally spark to like you more. But you don’t need to compromise on yourself with his ego.

The most important role by women for his men is that giving some appreciation will stick your men around you with lots of love. At some point as a woman, you need to positively react to his point of view.

In this way, he thinks that you are the only woman for him, and then he always desires you at any event or function. Also, you will get appreciation from your men to stand with his opinion, where others left him alone with his point of view.

4. Create some funny scenario for him

If your man is hanging with some tensions or problems then you need to make a way to create a smile on his face. Most men care about your happiness even in stressful situations, they want to make their women happy and comfortable with them.

So, in this way you can make a plan to pull out his stress easily. By talking with him according to his wishes, will make your men gain more interest in you. Being a funny person is a good thing for both of you as a loving couple.

5. Flirt with him which he likes the most

If you have been flirty with your men then there is no other best option to get your men close to you. With this step, you can get lots of respect and care from your men, this is because you make them happy and comfortable with you. You can flirt or tease your men to enjoy your life with each other and with this step, your men desperately desire you in his life at any cost.

The easiest way to tease your man is that you can think that he is the only person in the world which cares about you more. You can tease him with some loving words or do some physical actions which give him enjoyable moments.

You can charge and boost your conversation with your men to get more affection from your love. But the main thing is that you don’t need to cross the limits of fun and teasing, otherwise he will get lose some interest in you. So, you need to play a role between his limits.

6. Do your best in bed with him

In the sixth step, you need to enhance your skills in bed with your men. Because it is a most important way which you can get more affection from him or you can lose him. It all depends on your behavior. You need to enter his mind and make him comfortable with you.

From this step, if there is some other girl in his mind then he can easily forget her because of your romantic skills. You can use different sex styles to give your best to your men and make some flirty talking with them.

From this action, he will not think about another person except you. Because you give him all the desires which he wishes for. Only with this step, you can get your men’s affection towards you effectively and easily.


There is a total of six steps that can help you to get more desirable women from your men. If you focus on these steps then your men will only think about you and want to chase you in any situation.

As a woman, if you want that your men desire you badly then you should need to make him happy too. Good and soft behavior of yours with him will surely give your men into your hands without doing some extra stuff.

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