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Christian Premarital Counseling Questions For Couples

Christian Premarital Counseling Questions And Answers Couples To Ask PDF asked during compatibility test. Which will be very helpful to buy this product.

Marriage is the only way to choose your partner legally with lots of love, affection, and kindness. Before proceeding to the next step of your marriage, you have a list of the questioner which you need to need to know. Through the Book, Bible marriage recognizes its importance. According to Bible, the first relationship in this world are human.

Also in the New Testament, one man and one woman are becoming one flesh in the marriage. Men need to encourage their spouses and love them with the core of their hearts.

Many readers want to know that what are the Christian Premarital Counseling Questions. Well, a list of detail questions is included in this article to improve and enhance your knowledge.

Everyone who are wishing to enter this sacred is well aware that what they are getting into and what are necessary things to make a happy life with their spouse. This is the step that has a variety of responsibilities on both men and women.

Detail List Of Christian Premarital Counseling Questioner Couples To Ask

You need to focus and understand the questions before going to commit with your partner. After this, you will know, that how much capable you are to tackle the challenges and responsibilities after marriage.

The purpose of these Christian Premarital Counseling Questions is to ensure that is this couple is well prepared for their life together. You just need to prepare yourself spiritually and after that, you can tackle all the questions with your heart.

There is a variety of 35 questioners for Christian Premarital Counseling Questions couples before marriage. This questioner will help you a lot to strengthen your relationship, give you a happy life, and you should know better each other.

  1. How much this marriage will cost you?
  2. Is there anything in your life which you want to give up? And how will you react after that giving up?
  3. According to you, in what ways you want to run your life? And what feels like you are wasting time?
  4. Do you prefer your partner’s needs first and how will you see this? (This question might be fair or bad to ask)
  5. Do you have the ability to tackle conflicts with your partner? What is your reaction when your partner screws up?
  6. How do you know that your love partner is strongly committed to you? Do you feel with your heart that he/she is committed to you?
  7. How much this bond is preferable for you? How does this new line up with feeling GOD is important to you?
  8. What things make you more challenging with your relationship now, or in the past?
  9. What is your purpose for getting marriage and what do you want from it?
  10. Do you think that Lord’s Supper affects the health of your marriage? What is your Lord Supper with Christ-like? What step you have taken to deepen the Communion?
  11. What is the hardest season of suffering for you through which you feel hard walked through? How has this journey shaped you?
  12. 12. Is there any bothering for you that what others think about your marriage or relationship?
  13. Do you see your spouse as a separate identity in your home or anywhere with you? Why? Is this step according to the Biblical? How it will affect your marriage?
  14. What is the meaning that put your spouse’s needs first than yours? And how you will see this?
  15. Why did God create this marriage and why did God give you a partner?
  16. Become one flesh after marriage what does it mean to you? How much is this influencing you? Do you think you are independent? In your life do you think that you had given up something important for you?
  17. What do you think that husband and wife both are independent in parallel? What do you think about submission and how you will understand this?
  18. 18. What do you think that Jesus dies for your sins and after some time He rises over this world?
  19. What things will you prefer in your sex life? And why?
  20. Do you think that there is anything which you don’t want to tell your partner? What are your thoughts that having secrets in marriage is okay for you?
  21. If you’re looking at the other people face who are in love, what are the main things through which you can conclude that they are in love?
  22. How do you figure out what being married to Christ entails for you? And what if they can’t or don’t want to do it?
  23. What do you say that your marriage to ultimately is?
  24. Your thoughts About spouse salvation? Is it depend on you? What is the Christian lifestyle? What are things which your spouse wants to see in you according to the Christian Premarital Counseling Questions life?
  25. What are your thoughts that what is the purpose of sex and what it teaches us in marriage?
  26. What do you think that what is the meaning for the husband to be the head of your house?
  27. After ministry what are the things which reconcile in a marriage?
  28. What are the main aspects which distract you from cleaving to your partner/spouse?
  29. What steps do you take to invest in your partner’s life and what are your plans to make prosper life of your spouse?
  30. In this world, what do you see in the Christian community after marriage? Your thoughts on it, is it bland and fake? What do you think if it’s real? Can you easily distinguish between these two?  Do you have any plan to accommodate this area?
  31. Do you think that your partner can see the God of eternity in your eyes or you? If yes, then how so?
  32. What do you think about Kinky sex? Is it permissible in marriage? Why or why not?
  33. What are your thoughts or feel if you called something but your spouse/partner does not?
  34. What are the things which you think will bring joy to your marriage and make your life peaceful? Your thoughts on it?
  35. Do you think that compatibility matters in marriages? What is the meaning of compatibility for you? And how do you see it?


Premarital counseling questioner will help you to improve yourself in marriage life. Through this, you can understand the main purpose of marriage. Also, you can easily get the information of your spouse needs and both couples can help each other in any situation. There is a total of 35 premarital counseling questions which everyone needs to see before marriage.

You don’t need to do any other research after getting this article, because everything is included in detail. After answering all the questions, you will fully understand the objective of marriage and you also know that how to fulfill the needs of your spouse. This questioner will boost both of your kindness levels and give you a peaceful and happy life.

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