Can A Judge Deny A Divorce And Issue Marriage Counselling

Can A Judge Deny A Divorce And Issue Marriage Counselling

Do you know the reason why today’s relationships are not prospering? Why do you have to face failure in your relationship after investing efforts?

Before ending your bond you need counseling with your partner. Maybe you are willing to divorce or your mate is just demanding separation for a few periods. If you are curious can a judge deny a divorce and issue marriage counseling?

The answer is this did not happen until your counseling is done. When you fire for a divorce in the court they suggest you and your mate attend different sessions on marriage counseling.

Who are unaware of the way how to keep a healthy relationship. Court believes that may be there a chance of a reunion of the spouses after their counseling. Many states keep counseling mandatory before the divorce.

While some states hand over it to the court to make a decision. Now it’s up to the court whether to approve it or dent it. Whatever state it is education and counseling sessions should be mandatory in all states for the welfare of spouses.

Can a Judge Deny a Divorce in the US?

In the US the court has the authority to deny the request. If the court feels that the marriage is absurdly broken or the reason behind the divorce is silly. It is all up to the court to dismiss the petition for separation. Sometimes, the couple did not meet the demands to file the separation in Europe. In this case, the judge also rejects the divorce request.

Is Marriage Counseling Helpful Before Divorce In The US?   

The decision of counseling is up to the parties if they want marriage guidance or not. But the court of the US did not make it compulsory for each partner. Sometimes, counseling is obligatory for the children’s well-being.

The separation is not a game it requires some regulation and specific rules to follow. For a divorce, you need to file for detachment with the relevant court in your area. After filing a divorce notice is issued to your partner to proceed further.

Now if your partner did not answer your court notice there is another option to follow. A default divorce is the next option to go for. In case you are a parent, the court suggests you go for parenting classes. After you have completed your parenting course you can proceed with your petition.

How Long Can a Spouse Drag Out a Divorce in the US During Marriage Counselling?

Not defining how much it takes for a divorce process to complete. In the US it depends on various situations. If both candidates are willing to separate and follow the rules to file a petition it becomes easy.

On the other side, it open is not answering the petition or refusing to come to the court for the process to complete. The court takes time to issue a decree of separation.

For a fast process, you need to talk to your spouse. Try to make an agreement on the major issues like the property division, kids custody, and other major terms.

When you make a statement with your partner it is easy to proceed further. Now it takes just about 6o days for a complete process. Within this period your whole case will wrap up. Erstwhile, due to some court issues may be the divorce process will extend for some days.

Is Marriage Counselling Important To Save Your Relationship?

Undoubtedly, marriage counseling will help you to save your relationship in many ways. But keep in mind that you both need to understand each other needs, otherwise it will be more difficult to stay in the relationship.

The most effective thing which you can get only in marriage counseling is that you can get a realistic picture of your partner. Furthermore, it enhances your understanding and helps you to avoid any miscommunications.

Also, taking help from marriage counseling will offer you the best way t stay accountable in your relationship. Keep in mind that unhealthy habits will never give you any positive thing, but they may only damage your relationship.

Moreover, a marriage counselor will give couples homework to enhance their understanding by doing specific tasks at home. It is surely the time of your test but you don’t need to be down at any cost if you love your partner.

Why Judge Deny Divorce And Issue Marriage Counselling?

If a judge denies a divorce, then it simply means that you need to go for marriage counseling and settle things in a soft way. Most couples decided to undergo marriage counseling if they think that things are not going well in their relationship.

Moreover, in marriage counseling, you can easily address your relationship problems and a marriage counselor will help you in this matter. But you must need to go with your heart to settle all your marriage problems as soon as possible, then you will surely get a positive outcome.

Furthermore, keep in mind that marriage cannot be saved your relationship overnight. It will take time from you and you need to give proper time in every marriage counseling session.

After this step, your process of change in your relationship will enhance and you will feel the positive energy in your relationship.


If you feel that there is no chance to protect your marriage relation, then you must need to consider the below things:

  • Firstly, you need to hire an experienced family law attorney,
  • Secondly, choose a therapist with whom you feel more comfortable and can overcome your current situation.

Furthermore, keep in mind that lawyers are mandatory because divorce in marriage is a legal process and undoubtedly it is emotional as well. It’s better for you now to take help from the best trainer which can deal with your burden in this crucial situation.


Marriage counseling is the most effective way to give your relationship a chance to overcome the issues in a short time. Otherwise, no one can come to save your marriage unless you want it from yourself.

Furthermore, when a judge denies your divorce and issues marriage counseling then you need to understand that it is not only to follow the legal process.

There are multiple legal things that are the last option to save your marriage. Moreover, marriage counseling offers effective help to couples to understand the problems in relationships and how to easily solve the issues in a short period.

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